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If your brother is now in California then get the ease to send Rakhi to California residing brother from here at In the catalogue of Rakhis below, we are offering amazing Rakhi choices to explore and buy online. So start your search for the most beautiful Rakhi and cheer up your bro.
4 modern designer rakhi
4 modern designer rakhiRs.1764.00 | $25.2
Tom Rakhi with Ferrero
Tom Rakhi with FerreroRs.1568.00 | $22.4
Duo Rakhi with Chocolate
Duo Rakhi with ChocolateRs.2311.00 | $33.01
Lindor Triple Rakhi set
Lindor Triple Rakhi setRs.2775.00 | $39.64
Disney Family Rakhi
Disney Family RakhiRs.1099.00 | $15.7
Shining Rakhi Pair
Shining Rakhi PairRs.1099.00 | $15.7
Designer Chandramukhi Rakhi
Designer Chandramukhi RakhiRs.1069.00 | $15.27
Three modern designer rakhi
Three modern designer rakhiRs.1704.00 | $24.34
Flowerly Designed Rakhi
Flowerly Designed RakhiRs.1383.00 | $19.76
Quad Rakhi with Toblerone
Quad Rakhi with TobleroneRs.2026.00 | $28.94
Four traditional rakhi
Four traditional rakhiRs.1585.00 | $22.64
Three traditional rakhi
Three traditional rakhiRs.1099.00 | $15.7
Om Rakhi with Ferrero
Om Rakhi with FerreroRs.2264.00 | $32.34
Triple rakhi with Kaju Badaam
Triple rakhi with Kaju BadaamRs.2121.00 | $30.3
Sunshine Rakhi Combo
Sunshine Rakhi ComboRs.1895.00 | $27.07
Rakhi pair Chocolaty Combo
Rakhi pair Chocolaty ComboRs.2097.00 | $29.96
Rakhi Combo Wishes
Rakhi Combo WishesRs.2335.00 | $33.36
Flower Rakhi with Lindt
Flower Rakhi with LindtRs.1966.00 | $28.09
Duo Rakhi with Ferrero Rocher
Duo Rakhi with Ferrero RocherRs.1663.00 | $23.76
Triple Rakhi with Ferrero Rocher
Triple Rakhi with Ferrero RocherRs.1710.00 | $24.43
Quad Rakhi with Ferrero Rocher
Quad Rakhi with Ferrero RocherRs.1758.00 | $25.11
Rakhi with Hersheys
Rakhi with HersheysRs.1597.00 | $22.81
Duo Rakhi with Lindt Chocolates
Duo Rakhi with Lindt ChocolatesRs.1966.00 | $28.09
Blue Rakhis with Lindt Duo
Blue Rakhis with Lindt DuoRs.2383.00 | $34.04
Rakhi with Ferrero Rocher
Rakhi with Ferrero RocherRs.1544.00 | $22.06
Beaded Rakhi with Chocolate Bars
Beaded Rakhi with Chocolate BarsRs.1752.00 | $25.03
Duo Rakhi with Hersheys
Duo Rakhi with HersheysRs.1574.00 | $22.49
Om Rakhi with Hersheys
Om Rakhi with HersheysRs.1526.00 | $21.8
4 Rakhi with Soan Papdi
4 Rakhi with Soan PapdiRs.2008.00 | $28.69
Four ethnic rakhi
Four ethnic rakhiRs.1609.00 | $22.99
5 rakhi set
5 rakhi setRs.1704.00 | $24.34
Three rakhi set
Three rakhi setRs.1466.00 | $20.94
Adorable Bhai Rakhi Pair
Adorable Bhai Rakhi PairRs.1099.00 | $15.7
Lucky Turtle Rakhi
Lucky Turtle RakhiRs.1383.00 | $19.76
Rakhi with Soan Papdi
Rakhi with Soan PapdiRs.1588.00 | $22.69

Let Hearty Love Get Conveyed to Brother in California with Online Rakhi Delivery!

Is it becoming quite upsetting thing for you to accept the fact that loving brother of yours in California won’t be able to make it to be there in India with you for Raksha Bandhan celebration? If yes then this is the right place for you to be happy. Understanding your emotions of residing far away from brother who is now in California, we have come up with the facility of Rakhi delivery in California. So just by exploring the Rakhi range, choosing the most suitable one for bro and placing an order for Rakhi delivery you can buy and send Rakhi to California residing brother. So, hurry as Raksha Bandhan is approaching fast.