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Want to tie a dazzling Rakhi on brother’s wrist? Well then this is the right place for you to be at. Here in this catalogue we are offering exceptional choices for Golden Rakhi online. You can buy Rakhi online for dearest brother that will shine golden on his wrist and will strengthen your bond of love with him too. Find the best choice for Golden Rakhi here:
Veera Bracelet Rakhi
Veera Bracelet RakhiRs.849 | $13.06
Golden Ek Onkar Rakhi
Golden Ek Onkar RakhiRs.445 | $6.85
The Basket of Joy
The Basket of JoyRs.990 | $15.23
Thread that Speaks
Thread that SpeaksRs.790 | $12.15
Sweetest Surprise
Sweetest SurpriseRs.568 | $8.74
Golden Thali Treat
Golden Thali TreatRs.1045 | $16.08
The Loving Hamper
The Loving HamperRs.1360 | $20.92
The Gift of Love
The Gift of LoveRs.1749 | $26.91
The WOW Gift Hamper
The WOW Gift HamperRs.1690 | $26
Divine n Blissful
Divine n BlissfulRs.1290 | $19.85
A Thoughtful Tohfa
A Thoughtful TohfaRs.1080 | $16.62
Golden Beaded Rakhi
Golden Beaded RakhiRs.360 | $5.54
A Bouquet of Sister
A Bouquet of Sister''s LoveRs.1249 | $19.22
A Box of Sweetness
A Box of SweetnessRs.2229 | $34.29
A Brilliant Present
A Brilliant PresentRs.1499 | $23.06
A Healthy Basket for Rakhi
A Healthy Basket for RakhiRs.1399 | $21.52
A Pure Bond
A Pure BondRs.2299 | $35.37
An Affectionate Hamper
An Affectionate HamperRs.1349 | $20.75
An Affectionate Thread
An Affectionate ThreadRs.2090 | $32.15
Anmol Pyar ka Rishta
Anmol Pyar ka RishtaRs.1599 | $24.6
Bhai Behen ka Pyaar
Bhai Behen ka PyaarRs.1099 | $16.91
Bonding of Forever
Bonding of ForeverRs.1194 | $18.37
Bringing Light With Delight
Bringing Light With DelightRs.2599 | $39.98
Cashew N Rakhi
Cashew N RakhiRs.749 | $11.52
Celebration Galore
Celebration GaloreRs.849 | $13.06
Celebration Time!!
Celebration Time!!Rs.1398 | $21.51
Double Dose of Sweetness
Double Dose of SweetnessRs.1545 | $23.77
Ek Anokhi Dor
Ek Anokhi DorRs.780 | $12
Euphoric Memories
Euphoric MemoriesRs.1249 | $19.22
Expression of Sister
Expression of Sister''s LoveRs.1549 | $23.83
Ferrero Bunch with Rakhi
Ferrero Bunch with RakhiRs.1549 | $23.83
For a Healthy You
For a Healthy YouRs.2449 | $37.68
For an Unbreakable Bond
For an Unbreakable BondRs.840 | $12.92
For my Awesome Brothers
For my Awesome BrothersRs.1240 | $19.08
For the Special Bond
For the Special BondRs.2249 | $34.6
For your Blissful Bond
For your Blissful BondRs.849 | $13.06

Let Your Brother’s Wrist Outshine with a Golden Rakhi

Rakhi is the sacred thread that every ties on the wrist of their dearest brother and prays for his well being before God. This is the main custom for which the festival of Rakhi is celebrated all across India. Thus when the festival of Rakhi is just round the corner, every sister starts her search for the best Rakhi for tying it on her brother’s wrist. If you are also looking for the best Rakhi everywhere across the markets, then we have come up with an amazing collection of Golden Rakhi for you.

Rakhi have always been referred as the best festivals for strengthening the bond of love between a brother and sister and this is best done through the sacred Rakhi thread. A Rakhi thread is the thing that every sister ties on their brother’s wrist on the celebration day of Rakhi and prays to God for their brother’s well being and success. However, brothers express their love for their sisters by promising them to protect them and taking care of them throughout their life. Here the sacred thread of Rakhi plays the most important role on the festival of Rakhi.

Thus, every sister starts up for buying the best Rakhi for their loving brother much before the day of the celebration. Here the main concern is to buy the best Rakhi for their brother that impresses him and that he would also love to wear. So all the sisters searching for the best Rakhi threads, we have come up with a exclusive range of Golden Rakhis. If you want your brother’s wrist to outshine with your Rakhi thread, then this array of golden Rakhis is simply the best on to buy online. Hurry to buy the best one.