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The vibrant blue Doraemon rakhi has a charming effect on tiny tot, and they adore the character the most. Since fictional rakhis are a new trend and people want nothing but a rakhi of their choice, see all the Doraemon rakhis attached below and see which one will make your kiddo smile the most. Then either send rakhi online or get rakhi delivery to your address. The choice is yours to make, so start with listing already.
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Come through the magic door, take your Doraemon rakhi, and more...

Doraemon is the favorite cartoon character of every kid for so many reasons. And there's nothing better than a Doraemon rakhi to gift to a kid on Raksha Bandhan. But why is Doraemon so inspiring and everyone's favorite? And how buying a Doraemon rakhi is a good idea? Because gen Z is brilliant, and they know their idols. They can differentiate between a good and a wrong person and even know what qualities of a good person they like the most. Here are some qualities of Doraemon. Know which quality of his has left an impression on your child, and get him a Doraemon rakhi for Raksha Bandhan.

1.Doraemon is full of patience:

Doraemon doesn't lose his cool quickly. And this is one of his biggest superpowers because a calm mind has better and foolproof ideas. Gen Z understands this, and hence they like Doraemon for his cool and calm behavior even in a tense situation.

2.He is always ready to help everyone:

If you have a problem in your life, ask Doraemon to solve it, and he will never turn you down. Doraemon always lends a helping hand to his friends even though he knows they can't help him in return or give him any favor. Today's kids see the value of helping someone in need, and therefore they aspire to be helping people like Doraemon, who always has a solution to every problem.

3.Doraemon is a positive character:

Ain't nobody can spread positivity like Doraemon. He can calm a chaotic mind and ensure that things will be fine soon. If your kid is cheerful too, he can learn more lessons of positivity from Doraemon.

4.Doraemon has a big heart:

Even though Nobita has hurt Doraemon so many times and never obeys Doraemon, he always forgives Nobita and lets bygones be bygones. He lives in the present and tries to make the future a better place. Gen Z is already aware of the concept of mental peace and living peacefully. This quality of Doraemon resonates with today's kids a lot and makes Doraemon their favorite cartoon character for the same.

Now that you know Doraemon is full of goodness, you should not think twice and buy Doraemon rakhi right now. You can even send a rakhi to Delhi or Mumbai if your brother and nephew live there. A meaningful rakhi with a cartoon character is much better than any other rakhi with no meaning or message.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Doraemon Rakhi

Q. Doraemon rakhi belongs to which cartoon?

Doraemon is a Japanese cartoon, and Doraemon is the show's main character

Q. The same cartoon inspires Doraemon rakhi.

Yes, Doraemon rakhi is a kid's rakhi, and hence it is not gender-specific. You can get this rakhi for a small boy or a small girl.

Q. What is Doraemon rakhi made of?

The Doraemon rakhi is made of plastic and silicon.

Q. Is there anything else included with the Doraemon rakhi?

Depending upon the product you are buying, everything available or not available with the Doraemon rakhi can be seen through the product description.

Q. Can I get this Doraemon rakhi in 2 days?

Yes, you can get the Doraemon rakhi delivery in 2 days.