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For the sister sanctified with 5 brothers who are caring and loving, then here we bring before this range of Set of 5 Rakhis that is inclusive of beautifully crafted Rakhis in beautiful designs and styles. There are ample of distinctive set of 5 Rakhis to meet distinctive choices of every sister, searching for beautiful threads to embellish wrist of brothers. Scroll down the page to find the best one from options like:
Pretty Blue
Pretty BlueRs.599 | $9.22
A Dazzling Connection
A Dazzling ConnectionRs.699 | $10.75
Lovely Delight
Lovely DelightRs.1590 | $24.46
Auspicuous Threads
Auspicuous ThreadsRs.638 | $9.82
5 Rakhis for 5 Brothers
5 Rakhis for 5 BrothersRs.660 | $10.15
Wonderfully Beaded
Wonderfully BeadedRs.649 | $9.98
Beautifully Red
Beautifully RedRs.698 | $10.74
White & Golden Rakhis
White & Golden RakhisRs.634 | $9.75
Distinctively Beautiful
Distinctively BeautifulRs.689 | $10.6
Elegance Redefined
Elegance RedefinedRs.680 | $10.46
Anmol Pyar ka Rishta
Anmol Pyar ka RishtaRs.1599 | $24.6
Truly Affectionate
Truly AffectionateRs.590 | $9.08
Colourful Hues
Colourful HuesRs.698 | $10.74
Blue & Silver Shine
Blue & Silver ShineRs.550 | $8.46
Distinctive & Attractive
Distinctive & AttractiveRs.599 | $9.22
Exquisiteness Reloaded
Exquisiteness ReloadedRs.635 | $9.77
Set of 5 Elegant Rakhis
Set of 5 Elegant RakhisRs.599 | $9.22
Absolute Token of Joy
Absolute Token of JoyRs.2849 | $43.83
Cute & Elegant Rakhis
Cute & Elegant RakhisRs.696 | $10.71
Fabulously Beaded
Fabulously BeadedRs.680 | $10.46
Rakhi with Kaju Katli
Rakhi with Kaju KatliRs.2099 | $32.29
Set of 5 Beaded Rakhis
Set of 5 Beaded RakhisRs.399 | $6.14

Celebrate the Siblinghood with Set of 5 Rakhis

Set of 5 rakhis have been introduced online to serve the rakhi requirements of the sisters. Here you’ll get varieties of rakhis to make it part of this beautiful occasion. Rakshabandhan is being observed in India since long time back and it is dedicated to the love and bond of siblings. Rakhi is the main element of this eve which is tied on the wrist of brothers praying for his success and wellness.

Exclusive and stunning set of 5 rakhis are easily accessible from this site to utilize on the auspicious day of rakhi. There are also many other kind of beautiful rakhis to enhance the pleasure level as well as the charm of this celebration.

Gift is another element included in this fest to convey warm and hearty wishes. Especially sisters cannot be overlooked as this day is particularly known for high demands of sisters. To grace up this eve, we have introduced amazing and wide array of gifts to please the gifting demands of brothers and sisters. Undoubtedly, there are lots of gifts that can be availed for both brothers and sisters. Not only this, if required many exclusive and personalized gift hampers also make good option to make the sibling feel on the top of the world.

Flowers are great choice. This is the one and only thing that goes well with all occasions superbly. Any person would be blossomed upon receiving a bunch of pretty red roses.

Hence, buy beautiful set of 5 rakhis online and celebrate this eve with full excitement and happiness.