Be Creative and Decorate the Rakhi Thali on Your Own

The chaste bond of affection between brothers and sisters is considered to be the noblest and deepest of human emotions. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated to rejoice the emotional bonding between the siblings. When we talk about rakhi, how can forget rakhi thali? The exquisitely crafted thalis are greatly in demand since yesteryear. The puja is relatively incomplete without Pooja thali.

Rakhi Pooja thali is a divine plate in which the girls put all the items that are needed to perform the rakhi tying ceremony. These things include sweets, rakhi, rice, roli, diya and sometimes Nariyal. An aesthetically decorated thali offers an impression of affection and love for your brother. If you wish to design the plate on your own, here are some ideas to accomplish the same.

Rakhi Thali Decoration Ideas

  • First and foremost, coat the surface of the Pooja thali. You can either make the use of silver, steel, gold or other known metal. You can also think out of the box and use a craft paper of yellow, red or other traditional colors. Attach ribbons all around to make the surface look beautiful and gorgeous.
  • Next, draw a swastik at the middle of the thali. By doing this, your plate looks ethnic and traditional for the auspicious occasion. Over the swastik, place a lighted diya.
  • Put other elements such as moli, roli, rice etc.
  • Place the rakhi on the left hand side of the plate. Make sure that the threads are not bend and further the design of the rakhi should enhance the embellishment of the thali. Put the moli in the very front of the rakhi thread.
  • Keep his favorite sweets on the right hand side of the Pooja thali.
  • Also place a kalash filled with fresh water which is used to wet the roli to apply tilak on the forehead of your brother.

Henceforth, make the rakhi thali adorable and lovable by applying the aforesaid ideas. To make it look more traditional, place idol of Lord Krishna or Ganesha.

The chaste bond of affection between brothers and sisters is considered to be the noblest and deepest of human emotions. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated to rejoice the emotional bonding between the siblings. When we talk about rakhi, how can we forget about rakhi thali? As Rakhi Puja is relatively incomplete without a Puja thali, they are greatly in demand by the people since a long time.

Rakhi Pooja thali is a divine plate in which sisters put everything that is needed to perform the rakhi tying ceremony. These things include sweets, rakhi, rice, roli, diya, and sometimes a Nariyal. An aesthetically decorated thali expresses a sister's affection and love for her brother. If you wish to design this plate on your own at home, here are some wonderful Rakhi Thali decoration ideas that will make your Raksha Bandhan celebrations fabulous as ever.

Traditional Rakhi Thali Decoration

Indian festivals are best enjoyed when rituals are performed in a traditional way. So, if you are planning to make your own Rakhi thali at home using your art and craft skills, then go the traditional way. Follow the below simple steps and your traditional Rakhi thali will be ready in a few minutes.

Traditional Rakhi Thali Decoration
  • Take silver or a brass thali for the Rakhi Puja owing to their auspiciousness.
  • Mix roli and turmeric together to make a paste and draw a 'Swastik' or 'Om' in the middle of the thali.
  • After the paste has dried up, sprinkle rose and marigold petals on the thali.
  • Take two small silver or brass bowls and similarly make a 'Swastik' or 'Om' on them. Put roli and rice in them.
  • Now, in the center of the thali, place the Puja diya.
  • Take some pieces of sweets and place your Rakhi in the Puja thali.
  • You can also put a dry Nariyal in your thali.

Silver Rakhi Thali Decoration

Whether it is about Diwali, Navratri, or Raksha Bandhan, silver thalis are considered auspicious to perform Pujas using these religious thalis. Therefore, picking a traditional silver thali is certainly a good idea to heighten Raksha Bandhan celebrations. Follow these simple steps and get ready to amaze everyone with your creativity.

Silver Rakhi Thali Decoration
  • Take silver Thali and make a Swastik with roli at the center of the plate.
  • Place three silver bowls in it containing religious items like roli, chawal, and turmeric in them.
  • Take a small Puja diya and place it in the center of the thali.
  • Now, keep an idol of Lord Ganesha in it with some flowers.
  • Put your selected rakhis in it along with some sweets on the plate.
  • Your Rakhi thali is ready for Raksha Bandhan!

Bandhani Rakhi Thali Decoration

Decking up your Rakhi thalis with a Bandhani cloth is considered auspicious as it is used as an attire on Maa Durga idols. The perfect design and multi-colored patters on Bandhani cloth will make your Rakhi thali look colorful and beautiful. Follow these simple steps to create your own Bandhani Rakhi thali.

Bandhani Rakhi Thali Decoration
  • Take steel, silver, or any other thali and cut the Bandhani cloth in the shape of the thali.
  • Paste it on top of the thali with the help of a strong adhesive. Leave it to dry.
  • Take two small earthen containers and paste the Bandhani cloth on them as well. Leave them to dry. You can paste little mirror works on them for a shiny appeal.
  • Once the cloth has nicely stuck on the plate, take a glittery lace of your choice and paste it on the edges of the plate. Let it dry.
  • Now, put roli and chawal in the small earthen containers and keep them on the thali.
  • Place a diya in the center of the plate.
  • Put some sweets in small plate on this thali and your rakhis with some flower petals.
  • Your thali is ready to spread magic all around!

Flower Rakhi Thali Decoration

Flowers are an indispensable part of any festivals or celebrations in India. They spread their colors and fragrance in the atmosphere and make the celebrations even more jovial and full of fervor. Embellishing your Rakhi thali with vibrant blooms will certainly add an appealing charm in your creativity.

Flower Rakhi Thali Decoration

  • Choose the most captivating flowers of your choice from the flower shop to decorate your Rakhi Thali.
  • Cut the flowers from the long stems keeping them intact with their base and put a bit of adhesive at their bottom to paste them to the plate.
  • Paste the big ones on the edges of the thali and the smaller ones in the middle of it.
  • Once the flowers have nicely stuck on the Rakhi thali, it's time to put little containers of roli and chawal.
  • Keep a small lit diya in the middle of the thali along with your rakhi and put some sweets in a small plate.
  • Your flower thali is ready!

Chandan Thali Decoration

Sandalwood or chandan is a religious item used the Hindu religion while performing worships of Gods. It is mostly applied on the male Gods like Lord Shiva on the occasion of Shivratri. It has an amazing fragrance and a cool texture which relieves good number of health ailments. Shower divine blessings on your brother by designing your Rakhi thali with sandalwood paste as a base.

Chandan Thali Decoration
  • Take Sandalwood powder and mix it with water to make a paste of medium consistency.
  • Pick a metal based plate of your choice for this kind of rakhi thali.
  • Apply this paste on the Puja thali evenly so that the base of the thali is no more visible.
  • After the paste has dried up, make a Swastik in the middle of the plate with kumkum and turmeric paste. Leave it to dry.
  • Spread some petals of roses and marigold on the plate.
  • Place a diya, some incense sticks, sweets, kumkum, chawal, and rakhis on the plate.
  • Your stunning rakhi thali is ready!

Bamboo Rakhi Thali Decoration

Bamboo plant is counted amongst the most lucky and auspicious plants to give someone on their big day. It bestows them with happiness and good luck in life. Preparing a Rakhi Puja thali with bamboo sticks is a remarkable idea to shower your blessings on your dear brother on Raksha Bandhan-

Bamboo Rakhi Thali Decoration
  • Pick a Bamboo plate in the shape and size of your choice.
  • Take a designer piece of cloth (preferably a bright one) to cover the top of the bamboo plate. Paste it on the plate with the help of fabric glue and keep it aside to dry.
  • Cover the brim of the plate by pasting a designer lace.
  • Take three small and colorful earthen pitchers and put rice, kumkum, and turmeric in them. Keep them on the thali.
  • Now, put some sweets, diya and rakhi in the plate.
  • Your Puja Thali is prepared in full magnificence!

Mehandi Thali Decoration

The beautiful and intricate Mehendi designs not just embellishes hands of ladies, but also works as great ideas to decorate multiple DIY items. As Raksha Bandhan is approaching in its full speed, it is time to start our Rakhi preparations and add one's own charm in its celebrations. Creating a rakhi Puja Thali with eye-catchy Mehendi designs is certainly a perfect idea to make it more captivating and stunning in looks.

Mehandi Thali Decoration
  • Get the most bright-colored oil paints to make beautiful Mehendi designs on your Rakhi thali.
  • It is better to take a plate with a white base as it will enhance the brightness of the colors used to make Mehendi designs.
  • Now paint golden color on the plate to give that perfect glittery base to your thali. Let it dry.
  • After the golden paint has dried, start making beautiful Mehendi patterns on the thali with a thin brush. You can also use colorful glitters in your designs to enhance the beauty of your thalis.
  • Take little earthen containers and paint them with the similar Mehendi design pattern.
  • After the paint on these small containers is completely dried, you can place them on the thali after putting rice and roli in them.
  • Design your diya with the same Mehendi design and place it on the plate.
  • Place your alluring Rakhi in the thali.
  • Your thali is ready to splatter its beauty in the rakhi celebrations!

Mirror Puja Thali Decoration

Festivals in India are all about bright and glittery products. Whether it's about the festival decorations, festive clothes, or eye-catchy Puja thalis, the shine and glitter can be found all over. This Raksha Bandhan, bring out the creative artist in you and design a Rakhi Puja Thali incredibly donned up with pretty mirror world everywhere.

Mirror Puja Thali Decoration
  • To make this thali, you will need a white ceramic thali and beautiful mirror works.
  • Paint the ceramic thali in a bright color like red, yellow, orange, or green.
  • Once the paint on the thali has dried, now it's time to stick the mirror works on the thali.
  • You can also paint and paste mirror designs on the diya and containers for kumkum and chawal.
  • Now, you can place your rakhi and sweets in a bowl on the thali.