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Revolutionize the festival of Raksha Bandhan by sending Rakhi to your Sister. If you don't have a brother, there is nothing to be sad about; you can joyfully celebrate the occasion by sending Rakhi to your Sister because in 2024, there is no difference between Brother and Sister. Your Sister can also pledge to protect you, just like a brother will do. So, go ahead and bring a smile to your Sister's face by sending her a Rakhi.
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This Raksha Bandhan, celebrate Equality by tying Rakhi to your Sister

Gone are those days when sisters who didn't have brothers used to feel heartbroken because they couldn't celebrate Raksha Bandhan like other families. As of 2024, women are empowered, and they can stand up for themselves. Raksha Bandhan is a festival that glorifies the relationship of siblings. Still, for centuries, sisters have always tied Rakhi to their Brother, and in return, the Brother promises to protect them at any cost. Now, women are independent and can fight the patriarchy in society.

A great way to bring a change and show women power is to tie Rakhi to your Sister. This gives a message in society that women support each other in tough times, even when they have no men to protect them. Celebrations of Raksha Bandhan have changed throughout the years, and by adapting the practice of tying Rakhi to Sister, a new chapter will be written in the books of history of how women bring revolution and stand for themselves. This will also make the festival equally joyful for sisters as they won't feel left out.

Send Rakhi to Sister online with Rakhibazaar

If you want to tie Rakhi to your Sister, but she lives far away from you, don't worry; you can send Rakhi to your Sister online via Rakhibazaar. You don't need to leave your house as the ordering process is done online. All you need to do is browse through the never-ending collection of Rakhis on the platform, select the one suitable for your Sister, enter her address, and voila, the Rakhi will be delivered to your Sister's doorstep.

At Rakhibazaar, we understand the pain that sisters who don't have any brothers have to go through, and that too every year. But this year, things will change as sisters who don't have any brothers will also celebrate the cherishing festival of Raksha Bandhan. To make the occasion more memorable, Rakhibazaar has made a dedicated page of Rakhi for Sisters so that sisters can specifically choose Rakhi that is designed for girls.

Trending and Unique Rakhis for Sisters in 2024

Girls are known for their intelligent fashion sense and their modern style. If you are going to send a Rakhi to your Sister, then you want the Rakhi to compliment the design sense of your Sister and choose a rakhi that goes well with style and clothing. When it comes to Rakhi for Brother, there is a gigantic amount of variety, so why should girls choose from a few options? At Rakhibazaar, girls can be as picky as they want, as there is a massive collection of Rakhi specifically for sisters. To make it easier for you to choose from such a vast collection, we have listed the top trending and stylish Rakhis for sisters below:

Send Rakhi to Sister with Absolutely Free Delivery

If you are hesitant about sending Rakhi to your Sister because of hefty shipping charges, the good news is that Rakhibazaar provides free delivery on every order. You can proudly send Rakhi to wherever your Sister lives without the worry of any additional shipping charges. When initiating such a good cause, the last thing that one has to do is cancel the order because of delivery charges you didn't consider. Rakhibazaar understands the mindset of their customers, and that's why we make it highly affordable for sisters to send Rakhi to their sisters by letting go of shipping charges.

Avail Worldwide rakhi delivery with Rakhibazaar

You can send Rakhi to your Sister even if she lives abroad without facing any hassle. Most sisters feel it is challenging to send Rakhi to their Sister residing in a foreign country because it may include a lot of complications. But with Rakhibazaar, sending Rakhi to any corner of the planet is a breeze. You can send Rakhi to more than 100 countries, and that too, for free Shipping. Sisters can send Rakhi to their beloved sisters living in countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, and many more countries.

You can celebrate the new revolution in the festival globally and set an example for the whole world on how sisters can gracefully enjoy Raksha Bandhan even though they don't have a brother.

Why choose Rakhibazaar to send Rakhi to your Sister?

There are various platforms and websites through which one can send Rakhi, so what makes Rakhibazaar so unique is that you should trust it and send Rakhi to your Sister through our platform. Well, you should choose Rakhibazaar over any other Platform because of these reasons:

Wide Collection of Rakhis- Where else can you find thousands of varieties of Rakhis in one place? You get a never-ending collection of Rakhi that will provide you the luxury of sending a Rakhi just made for your Sister.

Simple User Interface- Sending Rakhi to your Sister shouldn't be complicated. With a simple and engaging user interface, Rakhibazaar ensures that no sister has to juggle through various pages to find the best Rakhi for her Sister. To make things more accessible, we have a dedicated "Rakhi for Sister" page that makes sending Rakhi to Sister a breeze.

Affordable and Quality Rakhis- The whole festival of Raksha Bandhan revolves around the Rakhi, and Rakhibazaar understands this. That's why you get Rakhis made of high-quality materials, ensuring that the Rakhi is of top-notch quality. We also provide these rakhis at an affordable price so that every Sister can send Rakhi to their Sister without any concerns.

Timely Delivery- During the time around Raksha Bandhan, time matters a lot as Rakhi should be delivered before Raksha Bandhan because Rakhi is what the whole festival is surrounded around. With Rakhibazaar, you get assurance of timely delivery with our Same-Day Delivery, Next-Day Delivery, and Express Delivery services. You can also track your order in real time to plan according to the day's approximate delivery date.

Assured Free Gifts- To make the moment more special and memorable for you and your Sister, Rakhibazaar offers assured gifts with every order above Rs 1,000 in India. These gifts include a Dairy Milk box of chocolates and a Buddha Statue.

Unique Gift Hampers- You can levitate the occasion by sending Rakhi to your Sister with hampers. Gift items that mean a lot in her life and will add value. You can send Rakhi to her with Chocolates, sweets, dry fruits, plants, and much more. So, make your Sister feel special with out-of-the-world Rakhi hampers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Send Rakhi to Sister

Q. Can I track my order of Rakhi to Sister?

With Rakhibazaar, you can track your order of Rakhi to Sister with Real-time tracking. All you need to do is click on the Track Order option, fill in your order number and email ID, and you will have access to the order's location.

Q. Is Rakhi for Sister different than Rakhi for Brother?

Yes, Rakhi for Sister is way different and stylish than Rakhi for Brother because girls always look for fashionable options. At Rakhibazaar, you get Rakhis specially made for sisters, keeping in mind girls' tremendous sense of fashion.

Q. Can I send Rakhi to my Sister in the USA?

With Rakhibazaar, you can send Rakhi to your Sister in the USA and more than 100 other countries.

Q. What is the minimum order value to get free Shipping?

There is no minimum order value for free Shipping, as there are no shipping charges on any Rakhi at Rakhibazaar. So, you will get free Shipping if you order 1 Rakhi or tens of it.

Q. Can I send sets of Rakhi to my sisters?

If you have 2 or more loving sisters, then you can send a set of 2, a set of 3, and a set of 4 Rakhis to your sisters with Rakhibazaar and show them how much you care for them.

Q. What are the top trending rakhis for sisters in 2024?

At Rakhibazaar, you get the most trending Rakhis for sisters, such as Zari rakhi, Designer rakhi, Meenakari Rakhi, Ethnic stone Rakhi, Bracelet Rakhi, Evil eye Rakhi etc.