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Every festival in India holds significant value in the hearts of its people. The festivities are no less than sentiments for people who leave no chance in revelling in the celebrations with great pomp and show. One of the most prominent festivals celebrated in India is Raksha Bandhan that signifies the strong and unconditional bond of brothers and sisters. The festival marks the unbreakable ties of sibling bond where they stand by each other through thick and thin.

Latest Mehndi Designs for Raksha Bandhan

In India, festivities and celebrations is synonymous to decoration of wrists with mehendi by sisters. No matter whatever the festival is, girls and ladies just look for an opportunity to flaunt the best mehendi designs on their pretty wrists along with trendy and ethnic apparels. Raksha Bandhan holds great significance for sisters as the day is the best opportunity to express their love, happiness, care and affection to their brothers. Not just buying the best Rakhi for brothers online and Online rakhi gifts, they also wish to dress beautifully for this festival to mark their adorations for their loving brothers. To add more beauty and ethnicity to their festive looks, decorating their hands with the latest mehendi designs for Raksha Bandhan is a wonderful idea. So, here we bring some of the new and trending mehendi designs for Rakhi 2024 that sisters can consider to embellish their hands:

1. Rakhi representing sibling bond on front hand:

Rakhi representing sibling bond on front hand

Sisters eagerly wait for the amazing occasion of Raksha Bandhan to express their hearty emotions to their brothers. Adorning their hands with beautiful mehendi designs is one way of communicating your love to your brother. Dedicated to the spirit of sibling bond, this mehendi speaks of love between brothers and sisters at the front side of your hand.

2. Full hand Raksha Bandhan mehendi:

Full hand Raksha Bandhan mehendi

Not all sisters love simple mehendi designs or mehendi on just the front of the hand. Some of them love to adore their full hands with dark and designer mehendi designs. The design can be a combination of several other mehendi patterns with flowers, nets, and shading effects for that perfect attractive look.

3. Mandala mehendi design:

Mandala mehendi design

Mandala art is a traditional form of art that has gained popularity in the recent times among people. Create this traditional form of art on your hand to enhance the beauty of your hands while keeping things simple and festive. This form of mehendi design includes floral and leaves patterns and round-shaped designs with minimal filling of the space on hands.

4. Artistic mehendi design dedicated to sibling love:

Artistic mehendi design dedicated to sibling love

Raksha Bandhan is the best time to express your feelings to your brothers in a magnificent manner. Bring out the creative artist within you and embellish your hands with a perfect picture of sister tying Rakhi on the wrist of her brother. This design of mehendi is certainly one of the most traditional and thoughtful ones for your consideration.

5. Jhumka mehendi:

Jhumka mehendi

It is not necessary to repeat the same mehendi design on your wrist every year on Raksha Bandhan. Jhumka is one of the favourite fashion accessories among women and this is the reason for the popularity of jhumka mehendi designs. This design looks great at the back of your hands as you can easily flaunt them to your loved ones.

6. Detailed mehendi design for complete hand:

Detailed mehendi design for complete hand

Girls just love to decorate their hands in full with mehendi on festive occasions. And, when it is about embellishing your hands on Raksha Bandhan, sisters love a full hand mehendi design. Pick a sophisticated mehendi design with motifs of water drops and swirls that is worth it.

7. Arabic mehendi:

Arabic mehendi

With its origins to the Arab world, Though this mehendi design is not a full hand work, but it gives a beautiful and traditional look to the hands of sisters on Raksha Bandhan. Arabic mehendi pattern comprises paisleys and shadings and requires a thick mehendi cone for bold borders. You can also call this mehendi as Mughlai mehndi.

8. Peacock mehendi design:

Peacock mehendi design

Certainly the most favourite one for most of the ladies, peacock mehendi is a unique and unconventional mehendi patterns that you can consider this Raksha Bandhan. As peacock is a traditional bird, creating this mehendi on the auspicious day of Rakhi is a perfect decision. The picture of peacocks on the hands of sisters with floral prints around gives that amazing traditional look.

9. Traditional mehendi design:

Traditional mehendi design

As Raksha Bandhan is an Indian festival that depicts the tradition and culture of India, therefore, your mehendi too should be inspired by traditionalism. The classic traditional mehendi design will capture everyone’s attention and garner immense praise from your loved ones.

10. Jewelry mehendi design:

Jewelry mehendi design

As jewelry is extremely admired by the women in general, so why not inspire your Rakhi mehendi with this piece of fashion accessory. Definitely one of the most trendy mehendi designs, this mehendi design occupies minimalist space on the hands of the sisters while giving them an incredible look.

11. Bold mehendi design:

Bold mehendi design

Are you looking for a mehendi design that is not just simple in appearance but also contemporary in looks? Well, then you can embellish your hand with this mehendi design with proper bold borders filled with thin designs. This mehendi is all about creativity and if it comes out beautifully, your hands will attract everyone’s eyes for sure.

12. Floral mehendi for Rakhi:

Floral mehendi for Rakhi

Floral patterns all over your hand on the special occasion of Raksha Bandhan are certainly the best mehandi idea to go for. Flowers give a natural vibe to your hand making it look as beautiful as it can be.

13. Indian mehandi:

Indian mehandi

You can never be called partial or biased if you praise this style of mehendi. This design of mehandi is detailed, meaningful, and condensed with perfect finesse. This type of mehandi is inspired by nature and emotions.

14. Indo-Arabic mehndi design:

Indo-Arabic mehndi design

This mehendi is the culmination of Indian and Arabic mehendi patterns that is a popular among ladies. This mehndi design features birds and floral patterns with Arabic paisleys ad shading.

15. Pakistan mehndi design:

Pakistan mehndi design

There is great fan frenzy for mehendi among women and this fascination has resulted in the popularity of Henna tattoos. Pakistani mehendi includes quirky patterns, geometric shapes, and hand jewellery bracelet prints.

16. Indo-western mehndi style:

Indo-western mehndi style

A combination of east and west, indo-western mehndi is not at all a traditional one. This mehendi consists of modern patterns with some patterns of traditional style.

17. Moroccan mehndi:

Moroccan mehndi

Taking inspiration from the customary tribal patterns, a Moroccan mehendi design is similar to modern tribal tattoo owing to their geometric patterns, zig-zag lines and quirky prints. Diamond-shaped patterns are common in this type of mehendi art.

18. African mehandi:

African mehandi

Mehandi or henna has been an important part of the Western African culture for more than a century. It comprises tribal patterns and designs similar to Arabic mehandi owing to bold borders and gaps.

19. Bangle style mehndi:

Bangle style mehndi

This popular mehendi design is all about strips on the hand. These strips can be filled with floral patterns, tribal patterns, etc.

20. Rose rain mehndi:

Rose rain mehndi

Though difficult to try, but a rose mehendi is just amazing in its appearance. The flowers of roses branches out from the fingers from above and below is a designer bangle mehendi designs for simple yet sophisticated looks. The branches of rose are just on the two fingers and he first three fingers have midi rings. This mehendi design can be applied on both the sides of your hands on Raksha Bandhan.

21. Lotus mehendi:

Lotus mehendi

Lotus mehendi with beautiful motifs is a trending design which comprises shaded lotus flowers on one side and a bracelet mehendi on the wrist. Though this henna design is not elaborative in appearance, but provides a complete and fuller look to the hands of sisters.

22. Parrot and cages mehendi:

Parrot and cages mehendi

Take a break from the usual floral patterned mehendi designs and decorate your wrist with pretty birds-themed mehendi on this Rakhi festival. This contemporray mehendi involves parrot motifs along with bird cages for that new age lokks for your hands. It has a netted detailing on the palms.

23. Dotted bangle mehendi:

Dotted bangle mehendi

If you are looking for a mehendi design that is simple and can be made in little time, then a dotted bangle mehendi is the best pick for you. It is a perfect choice for the festive occasion of Raksha Bandhan as it is all about dots and wrist bands patterns made in symmetry.

24. Spiral lace mehendi:

Spiral lace mehendi

A unique designed Arabic mehendi, spiral lace mehendi is all about shading effects for that perfect voguish look for your hands. It looks very feminine and involves minimum efforts. It has sleek spiral designer bands without excessive filling of hands with henna.

25. Rajasthani mehendi:

Rajasthani mehendi

Very popular on traditional occasions like festivals, a Rajasthani mehendi speaks of the rich culture of the state. It is not a simple form of henna art but a detailed and elaborate one. It covers your hands from the front and back with the designs of paisleys, flowers, bracelet patters, netted designs, and peacock prints.