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Eco-friendly rakhis are the new favorite of our young and thoughtful generation. All the environment enthusiasts prefer nothing but an eco-friendly rakhi that follows the custom and traditions of Raksha Bandhan and is also safe for the environment. Since every rakhi ultimately gets dumped, the eco-friendly rakhis make sure they don’t pollute the environment. So, send an eco-friendly rakhi to Delhi to a brother who values such initiatives. Here are all your options to choose the best eco-friendly rakhi and tell your brother that you care about the things he cares for:
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Eco-Friendly Rakhis – The Ultimate Game Changer!

How's eco-friendly rakhi the ultimate game-changer? They are the ultimate game-changer because the eco-friendly rakhis are crafted with environmentally safe materials. The colors used in an eco-friendly rakhi are organic edible colors. The paper used is handmade and safe for nature, while the decoration is done with Tulsi seeds. The thread used to tie these rakhis is also eco-friendly. They are made of silk thread, wool thread, or satin ribbon. Since all these materials are taken from nature, you don't have to worry about disposing of them properly.

The fact that these rakhis aren't made for disposing of purpose stands them out and makes eco-friendly rakhis the choice of many. Instead of throwing them, you must think about growing these rakhis into an entirely grown-up plant. Once you start seeing your rakhi growing into a plant, you will wisely choose to buy an eco-friendly rakhi and save the planet while getting yourself a plant every Raksha Bandhan. And we know our brothers who live in US or Canada will appreciate such rakhis a lot. So, get a gift hamper of rakhi with chocolates and send rakhi to the USA.

Benefits of eco-friendly rakhis include:

1. Environment friendly

2. Beautifully crafted

3. Can grow back into a plant

4. Sustainable

Eco-friendly rakhis are a greener initiative that will solve your problem of disposing of your rakhis every year. After all, nobody like throwing their precious rakhis in the bin once the festival is over. The token of brother-sister love is unique, and hence rakhis are special for everyone. And an eco-friendly rakhi solves all such problems.

Imagine discussing with your siblings which plant belongs to which rakhi. This is another way of remembering all the sweet memories of the festival by just looking at the rakhi sapling ready to grow. Isn't that a game-changer? And you can also convenience people around you to be mindful and select a safe rakhi for the environment


1. If you and your brother believe in saving nature,

2. If you like the idea of your artificial rakhi growing into a living plant,

3. And if you want to worry less about throwing them off carelessly,

are you wondering whether or not you can get these consciously made eco-friendly rakhis in Delhi? Of course, order them online and get them delivered anywhere. You can also send rakhi to the US to a brother who lives far away from you but waits for your rakhi every year. The option of getting a rakhi gift hamper is also available. Go to the rakhi with chocolates, rakhi with sweets, or rakhi with dry-fruits section and select your preferred option.

Go for eco-friendly rakhi this Raksha Bandhan and make a difference to the planet and your festivities. Now, do the needful and get your eco-friendly rakhi asap.