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The festive season is the time for buying multiple gifts for multiple occasions. And if you are looking for an appropriate gift for a sibling on Bhai Dooj, then you must not miss the gift options mentioned below. You will find some of the most exciting and unique options. Since the festive season has officially begun, you must not waste time. Explore and order now, as there are high chances that your favorite product will go out of stock, or you might not find time later to book a fantastic Bhai Dooj gift for your sibling. So, make the most of this opportunity and start scrolling.
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Buy Online Bhai Dooj gifts and celebrate a splendid festival

Any celebration is incomplete without exchanging gifts. And in a country like India, where gifts are the backbone of festivals, you must not celebrate a prominent festival like Bhai Dooj without buying gifts for all those who matter. Here’s what you can pick from our exclusive gift collection for the upcoming festive season:

1. Bhai Dooj Sweets

This has to be on the top because, as mentioned above, brothers and sisters bond over their favorite sweets at the Bhai Dooj festival. And if there aren't enough sweets to cherish, there might be a pause in the fun and celebration of the festival. Since it is challenging to find sweets later on the day of festivals, as sweet shops go out of stock quickly, it is safe to order them in advance and keep a stock at home.

Not just to eat with your sibling but to distribute amongst those who make your festivals beautiful. Buy sweets for Bhai Dooj from your favorite brand at Rakhibazaar.com and make the upcoming festival delightful and memorable.

2. Bhai Dooj gift hampers

Aren't gift hampers one of the most exciting things ever created to gift to someone? They are beautifully packed and loaded with multiple items, increasing our amusement to open them. The suspense of what these gift hampers have inside is unmatched. While rakhibazaar.com has multiple Bhai Dooj gift hampers, the best part is all the items they contain never fail to impress the receiver. The excitement before and after opening the hamper stays the same, and on top of that, we have so many Bhai Dooj gift hamper options that you can easily pick the one you like the most. So, start exploring and prepare to surprise your sibling this festive season.

3. Chocolates

Who said sweets should only be in the form of traditional dishes? They can be chocolates and cookies too. Afterall, the tradition is to offer something sweet to your sibling and that sweet can be in any form, traditional or modern. But if you know your sibling will like a box of chocolates paired with his favorite sweets, buy them both and make their day joyful.

We have a huge variety of chocolates available at Rakhibazaar.com for Bhai Dooj celebrations. They come in different packing as you can see on the website. It is your choice to opt for a chocolate hamper, tray full of chocolates, chocolates combo, or lose chocolates. Don’t miss on this sweet treat for your sibling. You can also pair chocolates from add-ons section with a customised gift or plants. Make sure to make the most of this festival and our services too.

4. Plants

It is a good omen to buy or gift plants on festivals. That is because plants are living beings that grow. And since Bhai Dooj is a festival that celebrates the precious bond of a brother and sister, growth is a good metaphor that can be used to deepen the relationship. As the plant will grow, the relationship and its loving bond will grow too.

Apart from this, gifting plants on festivals are good for other reasons too. Here are all the other reasons you should consider and buy plants for Bhai Dooj this festive season.

  • Environment friendly: Plants are the best friends of nature and worst nightmare of pollution. By buying and nurturing plants, you are helping the mother earth to recover from all the mess that humans have created in the form of pollution.

  • Aesthetically sound: If we see plants from the eyes of a person who gives too much importance to aesthetic gifts, plants will surely get full marks for their beauty. While plants are self-sufficient to upscale the look of any corner of the room, their planters can be the game changers too. We have multiple types of cute, stylish, trendy and aesthetic planters that can make your plant gifting experience totally worth it.

So, now that you have 3 big reasons to buy plants this Bhai Dooj, think what you can pair up these pants with and buy your choicest plant with planters now.

5. Dry Fruits

You must have seen people gifting dry fruits to their loved ones on multiple occasions. Whether it’s any auspicious celebration, wedding invitation, or festival celebrations, dry fruits go well with every happy occasion and should definitely be bought for Bhai Dooj celebration.

If your sibling is a little health conscious or a gym freak, get them some healthy and yummy dry fruits to munch on while taking care of their health and festive rituals. You name it, and we have all of the best festive gifts and items for Bhai Dooj on our website. We have a solution for every problem. So, leave the job of worrying to us and order some delicious sweets and dry fruits now before your favorite ones go out of stock.

Apart from everything mentioned above, we have unique plants, cookie boxes, decorative pieces, customized gifts, and many other amazing and unique gifting items for Bhai Dooj that will lure your sibling and show your feelings clearly to them. So, don't wait anymore. The festival is almost here. Order now and make the most of our gifting range, facilities, and the upcoming joyful festive season.

Why do we celebrate Bhai Dooj?

Bhai Dooj has been celebrated by Hindus all across the world from past so many centuries. While the festival is celebrated to glorify the love and bonding between a brother and his sister, the festival has a proper origin in Hindu mythology that gave birth to this ritual and festival.

According to a legend, after killing the great demon Narakasura, Lord Krishna went to see his beloved sister Subhadra. On seeing his brother all good, standing in front of her eyes, Subhadra gave Krishan Ji a warm welcome and affectionately applied a ‘Tilak' on his forehead to congratulate him on his victory. Subhadra also served him his favorite food and sweets, and the siblings enjoyed a meal together, cherishing their bond and reminiscing about their childhood.

Since then, on the second lunar day of Shukla Paksha, the Vikram Samvat Hindu calendar, siblings celebrate Bhai Dooj and follow the rituals. This day falls precisely two days after Diwali. Hence we celebrate Bhaidooj every year after two days of the festival of lights. Brothers visit their sister's home on this day and get a warm welcome. Sisters apply 'tilak' on their brother's forehead and offer them, sweets. They and their families have food together, and families, especially siblings, bond during this festival over food.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)- Bhai Dooj Gifts

Q1. Does Rakhibazaar.com have Bhai Dooj gifts?

Yes, we have an exclusive collection of Bhai Dooj gifts too. Visit our website and look at all the options present there. You will find the best gifts that will be delivered to you in no time on your doorstep.

Q2. Where can I get the best online Bhai Dooj gifts?

You can get the best gifting range for Bhai Dooj 2023 on Rakhibazaar.com. They deliver some of the best gifts and unique hampers for the upcoming festive season.

Q3. When is Bhai Dooj 2023?

Bhai Dooj 2023 is being celebrated on Wednesday, 15 Nov 2023.

Q4. What are the best gifts for Bhai Dooj?

You can give your sibling a customized mug, cushion, or keychain on the occasion of Bhai Dooj. Apart from that, gift hampers, chocolates, greeting cards, plants, wallets, and watches are also great gifting options for the occasion. All of these gifts are available on Rakhibazaar.com. Check out their website to order.

Q5. How many days does Rakhibazaar.com take to deliver Bhai Dooj gifts?

Rakhibazaar.com takes 2-4 working days to deliver gifts within India and 7-10 working days for international Bhai Dooj gifts.