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Ever since people have started adopting dogs, life has been better. The free therapists and non-judgemental furry friends add up so much to our life that we cannot put into words. It is forever a thankless job to be a pet to someone and take care of their needs while loving them unconditionally. Their loyalty forces us to celebrate every big and small occasion with them and includes them in all our festivities. Isn't that fair enough? Rakhi bazaar understands your feelings for your pet and hence extends its support to all pet lovers and introduces an exclusive pets rakhi range for our four-legged friends. Look at these pet-friendly rakhis given below and see which one will grace your furry friend’s wrist the most.
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Buy pets’ rakhi from Rakhibazaar.com

Only a pet parent can understand the unconditional love and unshakable bond between a furry being and its human. And since there are so many animal lovers and pet owners, it isn't a secret how people treat their pets and include them in every celebration. From celebrating their birthday with a bang to celebrating Raksha Bandhan and other festivals, pets have literally earned this love and care in their human lives.

And we at Rakhi Bazaar celebrate this special relationship between an animal and a human by providing exclusive pets’ rakhi worldwide. Our pets’ rakhi collection is designed exclusively by keeping your pets in mind. The range has rakhis that are not just safe and appropriate to tie on your pets' hands but can later be used by them to play with their rakhi.

Tie a rakhi to your pet and show them what they mean to you:

Our rakhi range below has some most adorable and funky collections for your four-legged wonder who runs here and there, making your life low on stress and high on happiness. Imagine when he will run behind you wearing the rakhi that you tied on his wrist with utmost love, and now he is all happy and playful after officially getting the title of your brother. If you don't have a pet or are wondering why people tie rakhi to their pets, then we have reasons that will justify their actions and will convince you why this is one of the best things you can do to your pet.

People tie rakhi to their pets, especially dogs, because they adopt these furry creatures so that they can protect them. And god has seriously taken some extra time out to create dogs because they don't protect you physically but also safeguard your mental health. They make a bond so special that whoever has a pet dog can never be stressed or depressed. They don't allow such type of torture to their humans. Hence, they make a unique and inseparable bond that protects their owner from negativity.

And isn't that the duty of a brother to protect his sister with all his heart? So, that makes dogs the perfect fit for a rakhi tying ritual. Also, if you have a female dog, you can secure a rakhi on your wrist on her behalf because she protects you the same way a male protects his owner. And as a sister, she must pray, hope, and work for her brother's long and healthy life while having the right to tie a rakhi to her brother on Raksha Bandhan. So, you can also buy an auspicious rakhi on your furry sister’s behalf and celebrate Raksha Bandhan differently.

Let us discuss how you can buy a pet's rakhi and what will suit them best for your dog or pet as a gift.

A pet’s rakhi, a gift and a celebration for those who matter the most in our lives:

If we are talking about the new trend of celebrating rakhi with pets, we must celebrate it traditionally. And while one of the traditions is performing the rakhi tying ritual itself, the other ritual we must not forget is giving gifts to each other after completing the tradition. So, what can you gift to your doggo? Have you thought about it yet? Don’t worry because Rakhibazaar has the solution to everything. Here is a list of things you can buy from our portal for your pets for the Raksha Bandhan celebration:

  1. Plants: If you have a pet at your home, you will know how much dogs and cats love plants. They love smelling and, of course, look gorgeous when they pose with a plant. Imagine telling someone this plant at your home is the Rakhi gifts of your dog. They will feel surprised and happy to discover that you love your dog way too much and he is indeed living his best life with you.

  2. Cushion: We at Rakhi Bazaar provide personalized cushions for our customers. You can send your picture and get it imprinted on the cushion to give it to your beloved. And there's no secret how much dogs love pillows and scratching their claws on them. So, by gifting your dog a customized cushion with his picture or a quote that defines your feelings for him, you will not just make him happy but will save your rugs, cushions, and other stuff from getting brutally scratched by your best friend.

A dog is truly a best friend of a man. It just takes the right man to realize it and change a life by adopting the furry creatures. Also, it takes the right girl to make a dog her brother and share the sacred bond of siblinghood with him. So, be the better person and celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with your pet.