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The veera rakhi comes in Hindi and English designs with a perfectly upgraded bling that every sister wants on Raksha Bandhan for her brother. And when such beautiful and exclusive products are in front of you, you must not delay buying them. Look at the options given below and see which one you like the most, then send rakhi online or get rakhi delivery at home to make your festival complete and joyful.
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A modern Veera rakhi for a traditional festival:

Nowadays, the market is filled with so many options and varieties that you don't feel the need to customize things anymore, just like this beautiful stone-studded veera rakhi. That doesn't mean we are stopping you from customizing your stuff, or we are against customization.

A wide variety means that you have more and more options to choose from and various opportunities to make the final selection.

Practicing traditional festivals with modern touch is the new trend, and there's no harm in doing it. Whether you choose a traditional and auspicious rakhi for your brother or a stylish and designer one, the way of celebration remains the same.

So send veer rakhi to your brother who lives away from you or get it home delivered so that you can yourself take it to your brother, whichever way is convenient for you. Remember that the rakhis attached above are nothing less than class and elegance and are here to get all the attention that it deserves.

Significance of Veera rakhi:

What can be the significance of tying a veera rakhi to your brother? Veera means brother in English, and securing a veera rakhi on your brother's wrist stamps your rights on him. A veera rakhi has emotions that tell that your sister truly loves you, and the place of her 'veera' is irreplaceable.

A veera rakhi tied on your brother's hands means he belongs to his sister and nobody else. And don't we girls love claiming our rights on everything that rightly belongs to us? So, tie a veera rakhi to your brother and show the world that you have reserved all rights of your brother, and you are the one and only sister he has. You have booked all rights of troubling him, and he will still protect you with all his heart and might.

Another reason to have a veera rakhi for your brother is its chicness. Some people are a little more modern than traditional, and veera rakhi satisfies the needs of both such people. They like designer rakhis for how beautifully created they are, and veera rakhi is no less than gorgeous.

Send a veera rakhi infused with precious emotions:

It is always good to continue celebrating Raksha Bandhan, even if you live away from your brother. Since Raksha Bandhan is the perfect time to reminisce the best childhood days, an online rakhi delivery works as a token of love and a bridge of lifelong relationships.

Send veera rakhi online and tell your brother how his 'veera' is still the most valuable person in your life and Raksha Bandhan is the most precious festival. You can send a rakhi to hamper to Delhi or send rakhi with sweets to the USA, wherever your brother lives.

Don’t let the distance be a roadblock in celebrating important festivals. Use this festive season to express emotions and make sure the thread of rakhi strengthens the relationship emotionally that the physical distance is trying to snatch away from you.