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Over the years, people have become smart and have mended their ways of celebration by keeping in mind the damage their celebrations cause to nature. And one such change has been noticed in the Raksha Bandhan celebration. People love going eco-friendly and hence buy plantable rakhi with seeds. If you are interested and detrmined enough to contribute your part towards this nature-friendly cause while celebrating the festival with full rituals and festivities, then look at our collection below and choose your plantable rakhi seeds for an eco-friendly, fulfilled, and happy Raksha Bandhan.
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Plantable rakhi seeds for a life-long relationship:

How come plantable rakhi seeds be a metaphor for a lifelong relationship? How can seeds signify relationships and festivity? Well, there's not just one but many reasons behind what's mentioned above. And to know it all, you must first understand what exactly is plantable rakhi and plantable rakhi seeds?

Plantable Rakhi is an echo-friendly rakhi made with biodegradable material and can grow into a plant. The material used to create this rakhi includes organic seeds, paper, natural fabric, and silk threads. All these things are organically safe and don't pollute the environment. Therefore, when planted correctly, plantable seeds rakhi can grow into a full-grown plant and save you from generating plastic and non-biodegradable waste.

Talking about how this rakhi is related to Raksha Bandhan and how it is suitable to make sibling’s bond strong, here are some points that will make you understand this fact properly:

  • You tied a plantable, eco-friendly rakhi to your brother on Raksha Bandhan 2022, and he decided to plant it in a pot and nurture it to help it grow into a plant.
  • He was successful, and the rakhi started to grow, and before rakhi 2023 arrives, the plantable seeds of rakhi are now beautiful and alive plants growing in your garden as living proof of your siblinghood.
  • And when the next rakhi is around the corner, you will get excited to have another plant in your garden that is grown out of a rakhi because it has many benefits, including its biodegradable properties and plantable nature.
  • The rakhi grown into a plant will then be the narrator of your siblings' bond and be the reminder of everything god that happened with you on the festival day.

Isn't it amazing to have living proof of your good memories? After all, clicking pictures and making videos to remember things is so main stream. Be creative and different this time. Buy a plantable rakhi and let your sibling love grow into a living plant and forever bloom as proof of your blessed relationship.

Give a lifetime of a gift to your lifelong relationships:

We have discussed how this thoughtfully made rakhi is the best thing you can get this Raksha Bandhan. But a plantable rakhi isn't the only thing you can gift to your brother. There has to be something else and something equally precious to your sibling on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. We have some ideas for you that are perfect to gift along with your plantable rakhi seeds. Have a look at these suggestions:

  1. Plantable rakhi seeds with plants: How can gifting a plant be a great idea to pair up with a plantable seed rakhi? The idea behind this combo is simple. If your sibling is a plant lover and you wish to give them something as precious as a living plant, then go for it. The benefits of gifting a plant are plenty. The first one is Rakhibazaar.com’s exclusive collection of beautiful and designer rakhi collections of various planters. They are perfect for gifting and work the best as interior decoration pieces. The second reason is blessing your sibling with purified air by buying an air purifying plant like a snake from our website. They can put that cute mini planter beside their bed or near the window and breathe in cleansed air forever.

  2. Best brother’s trophy with plantable seeds rakhi: Now that's some funky, unique, and best gift for this occasion. Every brother is best for her sister, but it takes a special brother to back a best brother's trophy from his sister on Raksha Bandhan. If your brother is worthy of having this title, shower him with all the love and respect and gift him the best brother's trophy from Rakhi Bazaar.

  3. Plantable rakhi seeds with wristwatch and wallet: Boys love getting spoilt too. But it is often said that finding the perfect gift for a guy is difficult. But wristwatch and wallet are often seen as the best choice when buying a gift for boys. So, get your hands on these perfect gifts and buy a wallet and wristwatch or at least one of these gifts from our website and surprise your brother with the best gift.

  4. Plantable rakhi seeds with customized gifts: The importance of personalised gifts will never go out of style. And Rakhibazaar.com is aware of this fact. This is why we take special offers for customized mugs, photo frames, cushions, key chains, etc., that can be personalized with your requested pictures and quotes that you can send us through direct messages on the website. And it's a fact that the value of personalized gifts is far superior to any other gifts.

  5. Rakhi with sweets and chocolates: Last but not least, chocolates and sweets are a savior when nothing else works. If you are too late to think of a lovely gift or anything is not clicking you enough to look attractive as a rakhi gifts, then choose eatables. The good news is Rakhi Bazaar delivers cookies, dry fruits, chocolates, and sweets to your doorstep. You can order your choicest item and get it delivered along with your plantable seed rakhi.

The gifting ideas are many, and the gifting options are plenty. But it depends upon your and your brother's choice. But one thing is for sure, the value of a good gift is unmatched, and a gift can make or break your entire preparation for a festival. So, if your brother is also into saving nature, buy him a plantable rakhi seed and pair it up with an equally thoughtful gift.