Elderly Woman Ties Rakhi to PM Modi, Shares Blessings

Elderly Woman Ties Rakhi to PM Modi, Shares Blessings

The Election season is at its peak, and the whole nation is witnessing the dance of democracy. It is crucial for everyone to cast their vote, whether a common man, sportsperson, or politician. On May 7th, Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to Nishan Higher Secondary School in Ahmedabad to cast his vote.

As usual, there was a huge crowd cheering for the Prime Minister, and after casting his vote, he greeted them as well. People got his precious autographs, and he met people from both sides of the road.

But the highlight of the occasion was an elderly woman who tied a Rakhi to the Prime Minister. When she asked the PM if she could tie him a Rakhi, he obliged and put forward his wrist so that the elderly woman could tie it. After tying the Rakhi, she gave blessings to the PM, as it was a dream come true for her.

Raksha Bandhan is one of the most popular festivals in the nation. It celebrates the beautiful bond of brother and sister. In this festival, the sister ties Rakhi, a scared thread, to her brother's wrist, and in return, the brother promises to protect her.

Since Prime Minister Modi's visit to Ahmedabad, the video of the elderly woman tying him a Rakhi has gone viral and won millions of hearts online. The PM's sweet gesture made the day memorable for the elderly lady and promoted our culture and traditions.

PM Modi was accompanied by the Home Minister Amit Shah when he visited Ahmedabad. PM Modi reached Ahmedabad late at night on the 6th of May so that he could cast his vote on the 7th of May early morning.

On the date of voting, he was wearing a traditional white Kurta Pyjama paired with a saffron-coloured half jacket. After casting the vote, he came out of the polling booth and showed the media the indelible ink mark on his finger.

Not only did the PM accept the Rakhi from the elderly woman, but he also urged the public to vote in record numbers. On his X (previously Twitter) account, he posted in different languages urging people to vote and exercise their right. "Urging all those who are voting in today's phase to vote in record numbers. Their active participation will certainly make the elections more vibrant," the PM's post read.

General Elections 2024 began in India on 19th April and will end on 1st June 2024. The Lok Sabha Elections counting began on June 4, and the results will be declared on the same day.