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Motu patlu is a famous cartoon character; every kid has seen and loves their shows. The fictional pair has such a huge fan following that motu patlu rakhi is in demand. So, what's the best way to grab a motu patlu rakhi while not worrying about any factor that might become an obstacle in your shopping? Just buy motu patlu rakhi online and eliminate all the worries as so many motu patlu rakhi for brother and nephew are given below.
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Motu patlu rakhi for the little master:

Buying Cartoon Rakhi for kids is not just a normal thing anymore but something we need to do. Kids are inseparable from their favorite cartoon characters, and we live with a generation that wants their favorite cartoon imprinted on everything.

From clothes to stickers and masks to rakhi, they want their favorite character to be everywhere. And while you must have gotten them clothes, stickers, and all other things with motu patlu images, it's time to buy the ultimate motu patlu rakhi.

If you are in the mood to know why motu patlu is so famous and why you should buy a motu patlu rakhi online, let us help you get your answers.

  1. The first and foremost reason you should buy motu patlu rakhi is their massive fan following. At a time, motu patlu was the top-ranked cartoon, and every kid loved these two protagonists. The popularity was so immense that motu patlu's wax statue was installed in Delhi's Madame Tussauds museum. They were the first Indian cartoons made so big to stand tall at the madam Tussauds museum, Delhi, on 4th June 2019. The reason behind this action was the kid's love for motu patlu. The authorities wanted to make madam Tussauds an exciting and welcoming space for everyone, so they installed motu patlu's statues in the museum to attract the young generation and families.

  2. Motu patlu has an international fan following, and 2019 was their best year. In 2019, motu patlu was the 4th most searched cartoon in China. A country with so many cartoon characters liked the Indian motu patlu so much.

  3. But what makes these two characters so famous? The duo is best friends, and motu is the most incompetent one who always lands in trouble unintentionally. He is gullible and is always after samosas. Patlu is smarter and always rescues motu from all kinds of trouble. Their love, friendship, and loyalties towards each other make them favorable, most-watched, and highly loved cartoons across borders.

And now, with so many good reasons to love motu patlu, join the motu patlu fan following and buy the best rakhi for your brother, aka the motu patlu rakhi. We have plenty of best motu patlu rakhi online that will amaze your younger brother/nephew. And when they fall head over heels for the motu patlu rakhi bought by you, you can tell them the motu patlu facts mentioned above to increase your bonding and get involved in a fun conversation with the younger ones.

To the beloved nephew who lives away from you, get your rakhi home delivered and send motu patlu rakhi online to shower him with your love and blessings.