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Brothers are known as the ultimate annoyers in a girl's life. You can never live in peace and with your brother simultaneously. One has to leave for the other to prevail. So, why not tell your brother how annoying and noisy he is in your life? This Raksha Bandhan, tell your annoying brother that he earned this angry bird rakhi because angry birds are mischievous and loud all the time, just like him. See these angry bird rakhis and buy rakhi online to make your rakhi shopping easy and worth it.
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Angry bird rakhi for the love-hate relationship:

Just like we love angry birds, although they are sometimes so irritating, we love our brothers too, even though they are the biggest distraction and source of annoyance in our lives. So, what will happen if you gift this angry bird rakhi to the person who never let you have a moment of peace in your childhood.

Rakhis symbolize love and the bond between a brother and a sister. We have seen sisters buying rakhi for their brothers, which signifies something. If the brother is religious, she will buy an Auspicious Rakhi with an image of God. There are plenty of other designs, like rakhi with Gayatri mantra or swastika rakhi, that she can choose from.

For a brother who is stylish, trendy, and loves to be in fashion, even when it’s a festival, a sister buys him a Bracelet Rakhi so that she can fulfill his desire to be always on point while celebrating a traditional celebration with him.

Then there’s a brother who always gets on his sister’s nerves. The brother cannot leave a single chance and live a single day without annoying his sister. These love-hate relationships are the most adorable and one of a kind. Such sisters gift their brothers some funkiest rakhis, and angry bird rakhi is no different.

If your brother loves video games, if he like angry birds, and if you want to show him how annoying he is to you, get angry bird rakhi online and tie the reminder of all these things on his wrist. Tell him that you will never leave any chance of annoying him and getting on his nerves.

Even if he is a grown-up brother, embarrass him with your angry bird rakhi this year. Get a rakhi to hamper along with an angry bird rakhi and send rakhi online to your brother who lives away from you. Tell him you remember how he used to trouble you in childhood, and you will always send him an angry bird rakhi on Raksha Bandhan as a reminder of your childhood days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Angry Bird Rakhi

1.What are angry birds rakhi, and who are angry birds?

Angry birds is not a cartoon character but rather an infamous video game. That video game inspires angry birds rakhi.

2.Who can wear an angry bird rakhi?

Angry bird rakhi is perfect for a younger brother and nephew. But it can also be gifted to an elder brother if that resembles your relationship with him.

3.Where can I find angry birds rakhi?

You can get angry birds rakhi online at rakhibazaar.com. Check out the website to get some funky and best angry birds rakhi designs.

4.What is angry birds rakhi made of?

The angry bird's rakhi is made of plastic and silicon.

5.Is angry birds rakhi durable?

Yes, since angry birds rakhi is made with plastic and silicon, it is very durable.