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Trending Rakhi designs for Raksha Bandhan 2023

Trending Rakhi designs for Raksha Bandhan 2023
Written by Anishka Luthra

We have officially entered Raksha Bandhan month, and the festival preparations have begun with a bang. Sisters have started deciding on their Raksha Bandhan dress ideas and outfits, and brothers are planning what to gift to their beloved sisters at the festival.

With all the preparations going on to make the festival fulfilled and blissful, it is crucial to know the most important thing associated with Raksha Bandhan, i.e., the Best Rakhi designs for Raksha bandhan 2023.

Knowing all the trending rakhi designs for this year is crucial if you want to buy the latest, unique, and best Rakhi for your brother for the major siblings’ ritual. Below are all the names of the trending rakhi designs for 2023 and the details you need to know about them. Read them carefully and make the right choice while buying Rakhi for your brother this year.

Top 10 trending rakhis in 2023

Here is a list of the top 10 Best rakhis in 2023. Read their details and have a look at their designs. They will surely mesmerize you and make it difficult to choose any one of them from the entire lot.

Eco-friendly Rakhis

With growing awareness of environmental practices, eco-friendly rakhis entered to market never to leave our side. If you want to celebrate the festival in an eco-friendly way, buy the beautiful eco-friendly rakhis and have an environment-friendly celebration.

Paper quilling Rakhis

These Rakhis also come under eco-friendly Rakhi as they are biodegradable. They are made beautifully by the paper quilling method. Paper quilling is an art where thin strips of paper are rolled to make a circle. Multiple such quilled circles are created with colorful papers and different sizes. Then these circles are brought together to form a shape or design. Such rakhis have started to trend a lot and make their own fan base. If you want to gift your brother a truly unique Rakhi, paper quilling rakhi can be a great choice.

Silver Rakhis

Silver rakhis have always been the number one option for Raksha Bandhan celebrators. Their simple designs made with silver always charm the onlookers. If you want your brother’s Rakhi to be elegant and classy, go for Silver Rakhi this time.

Evil eye Rakhis

A sister who desires to save her brother from all the negativity and evil eyes ties her blue-colored evil Rakhi. If you wish to safeguard your brother, buy evil eye rakhi and make the festival positive for him and you.

Auspicious rakhis

Rakhi designs like om, rudraksha, sandalwood, Ganesh, swastika, Ganesh, mauli rakhi, etc., all come under the category of Auspicious rakhis. These rakhis might be old, but their fresh designs every year keep them trending. Highly religious people only prefer tying any of the auspicious rakhis to their brother and celebrating the festival auspiciously.

Designer rakhis

A stylish sister will always go for a designer rakhi for her brother with amazing patterns. Designer rakhis are created with a theme and have exclusive threads, beads, and designer work done on them to make the Rakhi look attractive. They are a great choice if you want to tie a rakhi to your brother other than the auspicious designs.

Zardosi Rakhi

This one might not be the latest trend, but zardosi rakhi’s fresh designs every year always keep them trending. They are beautifully made with zardosi embroidery with beautiful zardosi flowers. Such Rakhis have a great 3D look with zarodis flowers and give a full-on traditional look.

Funky Rakhis

These rakhis are perfect for siblings who are a bit funky and a lot more trendy. Funky rakhis have funky designs on them, like unusual patterns, funny quotes written on them, or designs that are chic but funny at the same time. These Rakhis are perfect for sisters who like teasing their brothers, as the design will be enough to tease them.

Superhero Rakhis

These rakhis always stay in style because kids like to have their favorite superheroes on everything they own. This includes Rakhi as well as sisters tying rakhis to their younger brothers or nephews to buy the latest designs of superhero rakhis. They come with different designs, expressions, and qualities of superheroes every year, making them interesting. If you have a small brother or nephew who is into superheroes, this trending rakhi design is for you.

Bracelet Rakhis

Last but not least is the very stylish Bracelet rakhis. These Rakhis have a statement of their own. They are trending because any Rakhi can be turned into a bracelet rakhi with just a few changes in its pattern. Silver rakhi, AD rakhi, Trishul Rakhi, and om rakhi can all be bracelet rakhis effortlessly. They also have faux leather band rakhis that are super cool for boys and make bracelet rakhi a trending product.

Those are all the trending rakhi designs in 2023. So, which Rakhi designs are you planning to buy for your brother and why? There’s not too much time for Raksha Bandhan. Think about your favorite rakhi designs asap and start preparing already.


While it is crucial to know all the best rakhis in 2023 to tie the latest Rakhi to your brother, it is also crucial to know the festival is nearing, and you only have a little time to shop. So, if you have decided which trending rakhi design, you will buy for your brother this Raksha Bandhan, check out, as we have all the above-mentioned rakhis in our catalog. We deliver Rakhi and Raksha Bandhan essentials domestically and internationally, so brace yourself to order the best rakhis from the best Raksha Bandhan website.

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