Raksha Bandhan

How to celebrate Raksha Bandhan outdoors?

How to celebrate Raksha Bandhan outdoors
Written by Anishka Luthra

With everything evolving so rapidly, people also like some change in their ways of celebration. Some unique celebration always delights everyone, whether birthday or traditional festivals. Since Raksha Bandhan is around the corner, people are looking for the best ways to celebrate Raksha Bandhan outdoors.

The best part is that Raksha Bandhan is not one of those festivals restricted to homely celebrations. One can fulfill their plans with their family after quickly performing the rituals at home as they take little time.

If you plan to celebrate Raksha Bandhan outdoors, then the information below is dedicated to you. We have some great ideas to share with you on how to celebrate Raksha Bandhan outdoors. So, drop all your work and read the details to plan a happening outdoor Raksha Bandhan with your family.

5 ways to celebrate Raksha Bandhan outside your home

The Raksha Bandhan rituals involve a sister tying her beautiful designer Rakhi to her brother, applying tilak on his forehead, performing the arti, and showering rice and flowers on him. Then they both offer each other sweets and exchange gifts with each other.

All the siblings in the room perform this ritual with each other and then open their Rakhi gift hampers to see what they have gotten from their beloved sibling. But do you know you can go outside and spend the rest of the festival doing what you have planned?

It is not compulsory to celebrate the Raksha Bandhan inside, and if you are determined to have an outdoor Raksha Bandhan this year, here’s what you can do with your family and relatives:

  1. Plan a picnic: The weather during Raksha Bandhan is almost pleasant for a picnic at a part with trees and shade, for they will keep you cool. Ask each family member to bring a dish, and everyone should meet at the decided place at a decided time. Then, perform the Raksha Bandhan ritual if you haven’t already and munch on all the snacks and lunch that everyone has bought. Bond over some outdoor games with kids and have a pleasant family chitchat over dessert. It will give you a pleasant and quality time to strengthen your bonds and will surely be a cost-effective way for an outdoor Raksha Bandhan celebration.

  2. Go on a family dinner: This one might not be a new addition to the list, but it is surely a good one. Pre-planned family dinner on Raksha Bandhan can be a great idea, especially if you have a newly wedded couple in your family who are celebrating their first festival together. Book a table according to the number of people invited and ask them to meet directly at the restaurant. Then let everyone order their favorite food and celebrate a joyful Raksha Bandhan with the whole crew. This will also be economical if you expect many people on Raksha Bandhan, as cooking so many dishes for so many people can be time, energy, and money-consuming. And it is better to have dinner in a restaurant than hire a cook at home as everything will be a mess with a huge crowd. So, make it more manageable and praiseworthy and dine outside with family on Raksha Bandhan.

  3. Plan a trip: What are your thoughts about an exclusive siblings’ trip? You can also have your parents with you on the trip but isn’t it a great idea to leave the city behind and celebrate the festival with peace in the hills or on a beach? Festive celebrations are a pricy affair, but instead of spending so much money on different people, plan to spend it all on yourself this year. There’s still so much time to Raksha Bandhan; plan a trip with your siblings and celebrate Raksha Bandhan in the best and most intimate way. It will give you time to relax with people who matter the most to you. Keeping your budget in mind, plan a trip and make the festival memorable for your family.

  4. Organize a staycation: If you think a vacation is not possible at the time of Raksha Bandhan, plan a staycation with your family, cousins, and other relatives. Book a villa near your home and invite everyone to the place. Spend an entire day and have all the fun that extended family have together. Swim in the pool, play games, eat delicious food, sit comfortably in bed and gossip with your gang, play video games, watch movies, and whatnot. This will be an extraordinary experience for the entire family and might become a yearly practice for Raksha Bandhan. So, plan now and have outdoor Raksha Bandhan celebrations in the most unique and fun-filled way.

  5. Spend a day visiting famous places in the city: A cousin’s day out doing some of the most randomly planned things is an adventure in itself. No bookings, no planning, just one common motive – To roam in the city with your gang and randomly pick up things to do. Sounds interesting, right? Visit famous food joints, shopping complexes, adventure parks, forts, museums, events, and everything you can in a single day with all your cousins. Let the elderly gang sit and home and vibe with each other while you channel your inner power to explore your city with your favorite bunch of people. Then join your parents, uncles, and aunts at home for dinner and end the day on a sweeter note. Do not forget to buy something for the people at home. They will love that gesture.


The main idea of the Raksha Bandhan celebration is to spend time with your family and perform the rituals with your siblings. The promise, the Rakhi, and everything else matters the most, but not the location where you decide to spend the rest of your day.

So, instead of staying at home on Raksha Bandhan like every year, this year, do something that you have never done before. Have an outdoor Raksha Bandhan celebration with your loved ones and make the festival uniquely memorable. Start planning now before it’s too late.

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