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Latest mehendi designs for Raksha Bandhan 2023

Latest mehendi designs for Raksha Bandhan 2023
Written by Anishka Luthra

Whenever festivals are near, girls start preparing in full swing to make the festival for themselves and for their family a joyful occasion. They plan all the meals, sweets, gifts, decorations, invites, outfits, and also plan their looks for the festival. Since Raksha Bandhan is the talk of the town right now, and sisters are busy buying rakhi for brothers, let us see what a sister can do to make the festival memorable for herself and her brother.

Girls love getting ready for celebrations and occasions and when Raksha Bandhan is here, they have a reason to get dressed for her beloved brother. This is why many sisters apply henna designs on their hands and feet to complete their traditional look.

If you also love applying mehendi on your hands and looking for some best henna designs for Raksha Bandhan then check out the details below. It will help you get ideas for latest mehendi designs for festivals and weddings and help you look the best on Raksha Bandhan.

Best henna designs for Raksha Bandhan

1. Traditional Peacock Design

Traditional Peacock Design

The auspicious peacock design is the original gangster and love of every other girl. You can apply a beautiful peacock motif, which symbolizes grace, elegance and is also considered auspicious in Hinduism, on your hands for Raksha Bandhan. Just like everyone craves the design on their hands you can also have the peacock feather extending along the length of your hand or forearm. Make sure the detailing and patterns stay intricate.

2. Floral Elegance

Floral Elegance

Flowers have always been the best of friends of girls. They like having them on everything they own. From clothes to accessories and even home decor, girls never leave the opportunity of introducing more and more flowers into their lives. And the same goes for henna. They like floral henna designs a lot. And if you like it too, go for a design dominated by floral patterns. Having floral mehendi is also good as flowers symbolize beauty and the blooming of relationships.

3. Bracelet Design

Bracelet Design

If you want a more trendy and latest henna design for Raksha Bandhan, you can look for a unique bracelet mehendi design. Create a mehndi “bracelet” design on your hand that encircles your wrist like a rakhi or a bracelet. Then add designs on front and back of your hand to ensue the hand doesn’t look empty. There are multiple ways in which you can design this pattern like a flower trail attached to the bracelet design at wrist and ends at your index finger. Or leave the bracelet as it is and add trails on all fingers to make your henna design more unique. You can also intricate patterns and motifs along with the bracelet to make it stand out. There are multiple ways to design this one, select the one that you like the most.

4. Heartbeat Rhythm

Heartbeat Rhythm

Since you are applying henna on your hands for your brother, it must have something associated with him or Raksha Bandhan. Design your mehndi in the form of a heartbeat rhythm on the wrist, symbolizing the strong connection between siblings and the heartbeat of the relationship. After all, siblings are each other’s heartbeat as they give meaning, stability, happiness, support and many more things to life that no one else can. If you want, you can also add your brother’s name’s initials in the heart to make it look more prominent.

5. Traditional Circular henna design

No matter what happens, we will never be able to find the replacement of the classic yet chic traditional circular henna design for hands. Stick to the classic by creating a beautifully detailed circular mehendi design on the back of your hand or wrist. Or you can also design it by covering the entire inside of the hand with a design and having a circular mehendi design at the back of your hand. This design is currently trending and is also used by multiple Bollywood divas for their real life and reel life weddings. So, go for this one confidently.


Now those were some of the best andLatest Mehendi designs for festivals and weddings that you can apply on Raksha Bandhan. The list includes some of the classis as well with a new twist that are a must to follow. Let us know in the comment section which design you will apply on Raksha bandhan on your hands. To send Rakhi to USA, UK or anywhere globally online, visit Rakhibazaar.com and place your order now.

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