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Advantages of being the youngest sibling in the family
Written by Pratiksha Priya

Are you the youngest born in the family? There are so many advantages of being the youngest child, as they are the most pampered and treated like a baby even after they grow up. On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, let’s discuss the advantages of being the youngest sibling in the family, which you can relate to!

Never get blamed for anything

One of the things the youngest siblings in the family can relate to is never getting blamed for anything. Even if you accidentally broke any glassware, vase, lamp, or something delicate, your elder sibling would always be blamed. They would be blamed for not looking after you, and your parents would let you off easy as you are their innocent child. 

Learn from elder sibling’s mistakes

Mistakes are our biggest teachers, whether made by you or your elder siblings. There are certain things that they may do for which they may get scolded or get into a problem. But you learn a lesson about not repeating their mistakes. 

Getting pampered 

Out of many advantages of being the youngest sibling is pampering. Being the youngest of all siblings, you are still the baby in your parents’ and grandparents’ eyes, hence always pampered. So, when there’s any social gathering, festival, or party, you are the center of attention out of all your siblings and also showered with most gifts. 

Someone to always help you

Another added advantage of being the youngest one in the family is getting all the help you need. You can take help from your elder brother or sister regarding any school subject and get good marks in the next exam. 

Whatever problems or stress you face, you can share it with your elder siblings, and with their own experience at your age, they will guide you to do the right thing. As Raksha Bandhan is around the corner, send a token of gratitude and love as rakhi gift for brothers or sisters being there to help you. 

Siblings are your bodyguards

Even if your elder siblings mildly hate you for being the family’s favorite child, they still have your back. Whether you fight with someone at school or in the neighborhood, your older brother or sister always comes to the rescue. Your elder siblings care for you even when your parents are out of town for a few days. They are always by your side like a bodyguard protecting you. 

What’s theirs is also yours 

Another advantage of being the last born sibling is using your older siblings’ things, such as their phones, laptop, accessories, etc. Even if our older sister or brother didn’t want to share their belongings with us, your mom or dad would scold them to do so. You even take your elder sibling’s cool clothes for your outings. 

More freedom than elder siblings

Being the youngest sibling also comes with benefits, such as more freedom and parents being laid back with you. Parents let you do what you want, knowing they can’t force you into doing or liking anything. They are also more chill with you when they teach you to drive or anything else, as they have done all those things with your elder siblings. 

Lifelong friends

Not all people in your life are permanent. People come and go at different points, but your elder sibling is your lifelong buddy. He or she is always by your side through thick and thin and happy moments. The special bond you share is everlasting and forever cherished by both of you. You are always each other’s best friends in life. 

If you are also the family’s youngest sibling, how many of these advantages did you relate to? No matter how much your elder siblings were annoyed with the special treatment you would get, they still love and care for you very much. As Raksha Bandhan is around the corner, honor the everlasting bond you share with them by sending the best rakhi for brothers and return rakhi gifts for sisters. Rakhibazaar.com is the best place to get fancy rakhis and exciting gifts. 

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