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Best Rakhi Colors & Gifts For Brothers As Per Zodiac Sign

Best Rakhi Colors
Written by Sakshi Ecavade

Vedic Astrology has garnered immense attention from many in India and worldwide. Many people strongly believe in the Indian astrology system and even make certain life decisions based on it. Vedic astrology is the science of human behavior and predictions based on the zodiac signs and the movement of planets in the solar system. 

This Raksha Bandhan, you can choose an online Rakhi for brother based on the color of his zodiac sign. The right colors will enhance his personality and bring him happiness, good luck, and positive energy.  

So, here we bring a list of best Rakhi by colors as per your brother’s Zodiac sign. Also, know the suitable Rakhi gifts for brothers based on his sun sign.

ARIES(मेष राशि)

Planet Mars rules the Lord of Aries. If your brother belongs to this sun sign, then you can choose red color Rakhi for him. The other Rakhi colors that will suit him based on his zodiac sign are orange or yellow. It is believed that it will infuse them with good energy.

red color Rakhi

As men with Aries sign are sport lovers, so the best gift for brothers for Raksha Bandhan are sport equipments.

TAURUS(वृषभ राशि)

People of this Zodiac sign are governed by planet Venus. The best Rakhi for brother from this sun sign is a white colored Rakhi. The other Rakhi colors that can be considered for a Taurus brother are silver and blue. Wearing this Rakhi on the wrists will yield good results.

white colored Rakhi

The best Rakhi gifts for brothers with this zodiac sign are flower, chocolates, cashmere blankets, and plush pillows as they extrovert and warm.

GEMINI(मिथुन राशि)

Planet Mercury rules the zodiac of Gemini. So, a green colored Rakhi will be the best pick for your brother on this upcoming Raksha Bandhan. This will bless him with joy, prosperity and long life.

green colored Rakhi

As people with Gemini sign are extremely intelligent, a book or a journal is the best Raksha Bandhan gift your brother with this zodiac sign.

CANCER(कर्क राशि)

People with cancer zodiac are governed by Moon and yellow or white Rakhi are best for them on Raksha Bandhan as they are peaceful and have a soft heart. A silk thread Rakhi decked with pearls looks beautiful and considered lucky for Cancerian brothers.

A silk thread Rakhi

A handmade gift is the best choice from brothers belonging to this zodiac sign.

LEO(सिंह राशि)

As Sun rules the zodiac sign of Leo, brothers with this sun sign should wear yellow, red, orange, golden, or pink Rakhi on their wrists.

pink Rakhi

The best gifts for brothers with this zodiac sign are perfumes, jewellery, grooming kits, and cosmetics.

VIRGO(कन्या राशि)

The Lord of Virgo zodiac sign is Mercury. Therefore, sisters must pick a green or white colored Rakhi, or silk thread Rakhi for their brothers. Another Rakhi color that suits the person with this zodiac is white.

silk thread rakhi

As people with Virgo zodiac are organized, watches, organizers, magazine baskets, etc. are some of the Raksha Bandhan presents you can consider.

LIBRA(तुला राशि)

Planet Venus rules the zodiac of Libra. So, the best color of Rakhi for Libra brother would be either turquoise or purple Rakhi. Other recommended Rakhi colors are blue and white.

purple Rakhi

Librans are admirers of sensuality and beauty and therefore, the best gift for Raksha Bandhan for them will be scented candles, soaps, or lotions.

SCORPIO(वृश्चिक राशि)

Planet Mars governs the zodiac of Scorpio. Hence, a red or pink Rakhi is the best for sisters with Scorpion brothers.

red or pink Rakhi

As Scorpion people are extremely particular about their appearance, so gifts like branded apparel, watch, shoes, sunglasses, or perfumes will be best choices for them for Raksha Bandhan.


Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, rules this zodiac sign. People with this sun sigh are honest and straightforward in their opinions. Therefore, a yellow or golden colored Rakhi is the best for your Sagittarian brother.

golden colored Rakhi

A chocolate basket or flowers are some of the Rakhi gifts for brothers you can pick for your brother with this zodiac.

CAPRICORN(मकर राशि)

Lord Shani is believed to govern the Capricorn zodiac. So, sisters can choose a dark blue or a pink Rakhi on the wrist of their brothers.

dark colored Rakhi

As Capricorns are usually ambitious, so gifting them something related to their professional life is a good idea.

AQUARIUS(कुंभ राशि)

Just like Capricorns, Aquarians are also governed by Lord Shani Dev. A Rudraksha Rakhi or a dark colored Rakhi will be suitable for your brother with this sun sign. When a dark colored Raksha Sutra is tied on his wrist, you bond with him will get strengthened.

rudraksha rakhi

As people with Aquarius zodiac love gadgets, so gift them a wonderful gadget on Raksha Bandhan.

PISCES(मीन राशि)

Pisces zodiac is ruled by the Planet Jupiter. So, a yellow Rakhi is the best for them. Another color of Rakhi that can be considered is white.

yellow Rakhi

As people with this sun sign are compassionate and sensitive, hence, you can gift something luxurious or beautiful to them on Raksha Bandhan.

So, use this incredible information while choosing a Rakhi for brother on this upcoming occasion of Raksha Bandhan. The history of this auspicious festival is rooted in ancient Vedic times. Hence, a Raksha Sutra or Rakhi must be selected according to Vedic astrology will bring you and your brother closer.

Happy Rakhi!!!

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