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Top 8 AD Rakhis Which Are Undoubtedly “Behen Ke Anmol Pyar Ka Prateek”

Top 8 AD Rakhis
Written by Sakshi Ecavade

“खुश नसीब हैं वो बहन जिसके सर पर भाई का हाथ होता हैं,
चाहे कुछ भी हालात हो, ये रिश्ता हमेशा साथ होता है।“

Celebrate your precious and bittersweet relationship with a Rakhi that perfectly and absolutely resonates with your one in a million sibling bond. As Rakhi is a sacred thread that is not just embellished with stones and pearls but carries a whole lot of emotions of sisters for their brothers. It is not only about decorating their wrists with these beautiful designers threads but seeking a special place in their hearts this Raksha Bandhan. With a gush of attractive semi-precious AD Rakhis in the market, there has been a wave of extreme excitement among sisters who are looking for exquisite Rakhi threads for their dashing brothers. Gleaming with fine quality American Diamonds, these holy threads will definitely steal the show this Raksha Bandhan 2023.

Explore the spectacular range of AD Rakhi below which can be picked up this Rakhi season for brothers who are priceless and holds a special place position in sisters’ hearts.

8. Ganesha AD Rakhi

Nothing can be more exquisite than this alluring and shiny Ganesha Rakhi embossed with American diamonds on a glistening gold-plated metal. Tying this Rakhi on the brother’s sturdy wrist will shower the grace of Lord Ganesha on him and will serve as a sacred band protecting him from negativities or any sort of evil energies.

Ganesha AD Rakhi

7. Om AD Rakhi

Auspicious Rakhis have emerged as one of the most trending holy threads since the last few years. They are seen as protective bands that protect brothers from any kind of negative energies and evil eyes. Om Rakhi is undoubtedly one of the popular ones among all and sisters prefer buying them to embellish the wrist of their brothers. This Om Rakhi decked up with AD stones is a wonderful option to go for this upcoming Raksha Bandhan 2019!

Om AD Rakhi

6. Meenakari AD Rakhi

Meenakari is a traditional form of artwork done on metal surfaces using colorful paints. The shine of these paints imparts an appealing touch to the metals making them look like art pieces. This AD rakhi embellished with popular Meenakari work is a mark of true grace and beauty in every way. It will look ravishing on the wrist of brothers giving it a nice appearance that is hard to resist.

Meenakari AD Rakhi

5. Veera AD Rakhi

When American diamonds are embossed on a golden bracelet, the result is truly impeccable. This Veera bracelet Rakhi designed with American diamonds will look stunning on the wrists of brothers. As bracelets are popular accessories worn by men, this Rakhi is an instant hit among brothers out there.

Veera AD Rakhi

4. Khanda AD Rakhi

Let the grace and blessings of Waheguru be showered on your brother by tying this eye-pleasing Khanda Rakhi on his wrist this upcoming Raksha Bandhan. The shiny golden metal decorated with AD stones will make the Rakhi celebrations a memorable affair for your brother.

Khanda AD Rakhi

3. Swastika AD Rakhi

“Swastika” is a holy symbol in Hindu religion. It is made on ground or walls on festivals or religious ceremonies as it considered auspicious and a bringer of happiness and prosperity in one’s life. This Swastika AD Rakhi will not just embellish the wrist of your brother with shine and gleam, but also bless him with joy, prosperity and good health.

Swastika AD Rakhi

2. Peacock AD Rakhi

Peacock is not only a national bird of India, but it is also considered as auspicious in the Hindu religion. This bird is associated with Goddess Saraswati who is a female deity symbolizing benevolence, patience, kindness, compassion, and knowledge. Buy this Rakhi decorated with AD stones and tie it on the brother’s wrist for memorable Rakhi celebrations.

Peacock AD Rakhi

1. Ek Onkar AD Rakhi

“There is only one God.”- This is what “Ek Onkar” symbolizes. The popular religious in Sikhism, it epitomizes the universality of God in all religions. Bless your brother with the blessings of Guru Nanak Ji and brings success and happiness in his life by tying an Ek Onkar AD Rakhi on his wrist.

Ek Onkar AD Rakhi

Just like your brother, AD Rakhi stands for exquisiteness, charm, and style in every way. Order these designer Rakhis now from and get them delivered with same day Rakhi delivery anywhere in India. Enjoy the festival of Raksha Bandhan with your brother by entrusting this website for your magnificent Rakhi celebrations.

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