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Top 8 AD Rakhis Which Are Undoubtedly “Behen Ke Anmol Pyar Ka Prateek”

“खुश नसीब हैं वो बहन जिसके सर पर भाई का हाथ होता हैं,
चाहे कुछ भी हालात हो, ये रिश्ता हमेशा साथ होता है।“

Celebrate your precious and bittersweet relationship with a Rakhi that perfectly and absolutely resonates with your one in a million sibling bond. As Rakhi is a sacred thread that is not just embellished with stones and pearls but carries a whole lot of emotions of sisters for their brothers. It is not only about decorating their wrists with these beautiful designers threads but seeking a special place in their hearts this Raksha Bandhan...

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Rakhi 2019: Be Your Own Brother this Raksha Bandhan!

Be your own brother! Sounds interesting – It’s time that India encourages her daughters, to brother themselves on their own. This Raksha Bandhan, let’s begin this crusade to make every sister capable enough to fight for herself. Let’s encourage them to subjugate the idea that they are weak and they need someone to guard over them and protect them.

Happy Rakhi 2019

 Someone has rightly said – “Never underestimate the power of a kind woman. Kindness is a choice that comes from incredible strength.”

This Raksha Bandhan, give your sister the strength to stand for herself. Fill her heart with that glut of power to identify the fathomless strength that she possesses. Let’s push forward and urge the society to create a world where their sisters can walk fearlessly even in the darkest of the nights.


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When is Rakhi 2019? Raksha Bandhan Date & Muhurat


Raksha Bandhan is a bond, a commitment to share love, sorrow, happiness, and pain. It’s that fantastically incredible relationship between brothers & sisters. The culture & traditions around which the Indian society is weaved has always celebrated this pristine festival.


 Rakhi 2019 in India

Not just for brothers & sisters, but Raksha Bandhan is a celebration for the entire family. And, every year it comes with a whirlwind of similar excitement and zeal. Rakhi 2019 is on its way and in many homes preparations must already have started. Shops and online stores have already started acquiring ideas to pack their stores with best Rakhi gifts. This year Raksha Bandhan will be celebrated on 15th August...

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8 Amazing Ways to Make Raksha Bandhan a Memorable Affair for Distant Brothers

Every relationship that exists between brothers and sisters has its own color and flavors. Sometimes, they are seen fighting with each other over trivial things, and in other, they stood tall and united like Avengers ready to face every situation with remarkable confidence. There is abundant love, affection, and care along with a sense of protection shared by both of them. Where a brother is the “Prince of the House” whiles a sister is no less than “A Drama Queen”.

Raksha Bandhan is an Indian festival which incredibly encapsulates this loving and caring bond of siblings with each other by a sacred thread of Rakhi embellished with sisterly love and admiration for her brother...

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