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How to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with pets?

How to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with pets (1)
Written by Anishka Luthra

Pets are our family. We love them more than anything, and they consider their world empty without their favorite human in it. Only pet parents can understand no matter what they do for their fur babies, it will never match their unconditional love, trust, and care for their hooman. Such creatures should be pampered and celebrated on every occasion in whichever way we can.

Every year, we do so much for our siblings, cousins, and relatives on Raksha Bandhan to celebrate love and perform the rituals that have been followed for centuries. This year, plan an exclusive Raksha Bandhan celebration with your pet and do everything possible to show him what he means to you.

This is the best opportunity to use the emotions of the festival well and express our gratitude towards the most loyal beings on this planet. Below are some best ways to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with your fur baby. Check them out and try to do most of them.

10 things to do for your pet on Raksha Bandhan

These are the top 10 things you can do with your fur baby on the festival day and make it special for your four-legged baby. Read the details thoroughly to know everything you can do for your pet on Raksha Bandhan.

Buy them a pet-friendly Rakhi

First and one of the most important things to do for your pet on Raksha Bandhan to make it special for them is tying them a pet-friendly Rakhi. There are multiple Rakhis available online on portals like Rakhibazaar.com that are safe for your pets. You can tie the pet Rakhi on their delicate and furry paws and celebrate Raksha Bandhan with them. After all, they are the ones who protect us the most, knowingly and sometimes unknowingly.

Bring them special treats

A lot of treats and dog food are available in the market that will delight your pet’s taste buds. Since the ritual of Raksha Bandhan includes exchanging rakhi gifts with each other, you must buy them something for the festival, and treats are the best option. Wondering what will your pet gift you in return? They will gift you more of their unconditional love, loyalty, and their cuteness that will remove all your worries and make you smile in your most difficult times. Isn’t that a truly priceless gift?

Take them for an exclusive grooming session

Everyone prepares for festivals; your dog must also prepare for the celebrations. Since you cannot buy them new clothes as every person does at festivals, they must have a full-fledged grooming session to make them look super cute and more desirable. Get their claws clipped, hair shampooed, teeth brushed, and paws manicured so they look the most handsome in the Raksha Bandhan get-together.

Make them meet their friends

If they have any special friends, including humans and animals, make them meet their friends on Raksha Bandhan. Call them up to meet your place and if it’s an animal, take your pet to a nearby park and arrange a reunion. Animals like to socialize with other animals as they sometimes feel lonely with all humans and no fellow species interaction.

Raksha Bandhan is the best time to make their hormones happy by making them meet their friends and letting happy hormones secrete from their bodies. If they have any biological siblings that you are aware of, set up their meeting and make them celebrate a unique Raksha Bandhan. This will be one of the best things to do for your pet on Raksha Bandhan.

Spend time with them

Do you know how to celebrate Raksha Bandhan or any special occasion with pets? Pets are the most low-maintenance beings we have in our lives. They want nothing from us except some quality time. If you can find time to spend solely with them, do that without thinking too much. Just lie down with them on the floor, cuddle them, and talk to them while looking into their eyes so they know what they mean to you. It will strengthen your bond with your furry friend.

Cook their favorite home-cooked meal

Just like humans, animals also have their favorite home-cooked meals they love the most. Since we cook multiple delicacies during Raksha Bandhan, cooking 1 meal that your pet loves won’t take too much time and effort. It might not be too complicated as pets also like raw diets or mildly cooked food. Whatever your fur baby likes, prepare that for them and serve it to them with all your love. They will feel delighted.

Buy them some toys and gifts

We are making them feel special on Raksha Bandhan, and not following all the rituals can be wrong. If you have decided to make it huge for your pet on Raksha Bandhan, follow the gifting trend as well, just like it is at the festival. Buy them new toys of their choice. Dogs and cats like soft toys and other playing items. Take them to a toy shop for pets and let them decide what they want to buy. Gift them the toy they pick for themselves and wish them a very happy Raksha Bandhan.

Have a photo shoot with them

If there is any cutest thing in the world, it is a pet photoshoot. They are dressed, made to pose, and give some candid shots for lovely pictures that the photoshoot becomes a delightful moment in itself. And this is another answer to your question, ‘How to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with pets?’

Take them to a professional photographer or challenge your inner photographer and click some of their beautiful pictures. Make sure you click their pictures with the rest of the family as well, since Raksha Bandhan is a festival that brings the family closer. Frame the best family picture with your dog and put it in a prominent place in your home. Do not forget to add the date and festival name below the photograph to make it iconic and memorable.

Clean their belongings and make their bed comfortable

Like we clean our belongings every now and then, we must provide such a facility to our dogs as well. Although you might have cleansed their belongings before, but this time do it while keeping Raksha Bandhan in mind. Also, clean everything at once. Start with their utensils. Every owner has separate pet utensils, sterilize and disinfect them properly.

Afterward, wash their clothes that you have on the bed sheets and spread a new bed sheet on their dedicated bed. Wash and disinfect their toys and other belongings, and remember to vacuum their bed. Spray a disinfectant that is safe for animals. Alcohol-infused sanitizers might irritate your pet, so use something that is specialized for them. Prepare their belongings and their spaces for a grand celebration of the festival.

Visit pet-friendly places with them

Last but not least is to take them on a date. There are multiple cafes nowadays that are pet friendly, where owners can enjoy a meal along with their four-legged babies. Such places also have pet food, and you can order it for your pet. There are also small activities where you can engage with your pet and make your day better.

Apart from cafes, there are more places where pets are allowed, so you can take your pet there to enjoy the evening. Moreover, since many other pet parents must also have brought their pets to the pet-friendly place, your pet will be able to socialize with them and feel active and happy.

Now that you know exactly how to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with pets let us look at some of the dos and don’ts you need to follow to end the day on a happy note. The list given below includes some of the best things to do for your pet on Raksha Bandhan. So, read carefully.

Dos and don’ts for Rakhi celebration with pets


  1. Make them meet new people. Pet animals like human interaction. If your pet is not shy and likes to be with humans, make sure they meet all the guests at the Raksha Bandhan get-together.

  2. If the Raksha Bandhan get-together is not at your home but at somebody else’s, make arrangements for your pet. Either take them along with you if possible or leave them at a trusted person’s home. Do not leave them home alone as you might get late from the celebration and they will suffer in your absence.

  3. Make sure you tie pets Rakhi, to your pet. Any other Rakhi might not be as suitable for them as an exclusive pet’s Rakhi.

  4. Make them feel included in the celebration. If you cannot do that the entire time, bring them in for some time. Make them feel involved in your happiness and celebration.


  1. In any case, do not neglect your pet during festive celebrations. Involve them as much as you can.

  2. Never leave them unattended. If they are grumpy and you do not have time to look after them. Make arrangements that can silence your pet’s anger and they do not hurt any guests in the house.

  3. Please do not send them away when a celebration is going on. You did not adopt them to abandon them when you cannot take care of your furry friend. Let them stay with you and understand how they must behave when the family expects guests. It might be tough for you to handle them for the first time. But once they learn to be around so many new people, they will not trouble you.

  4. Do not make them stave. Understandably, festivals are a time when people are busy but do not neglect your furry child’s basic needs. Feed them well and check them out often to ensure they are doing well.

  5. If you cannot spend time with them during the day, spend some quality time at night when the celebration ends. Make it up to them to give them little time and attention, as you have other priorities. Make them a priority when you are done being busy.

  6. Make sure they do not eat anything they should not during the celebration. Sometimes we get too busy that we forget about our pet’s whereabouts, and they consume food they should not.

  7. If you cannot treat them with special food, feed them their regular food but do not forget to feed them or give them your food. It might not be suitable for their health.


When we adopt pets, we include them in our family. This means they become a part of our happy and sad times, and we become theirs. So, we are responsible for filling their small world with as much happiness as possible. Adopting pets and then neglecting them the love, care, and attention they deserve is wrong. We must celebrate festivals with them and include them everywhere.

Moreover, pets are easy to impress, unlike humans. They will not ask you to bring the best and most expensive gift or take them to the most expensive dinner. Spending time with them, showing them love and care, and talking to them earnestly is enough to fill their world with happiness.

This Raksha Bandhan, fill your pet’s small world with joy by giving them what they deserve. Make their world perfect with your love; they will not be with you forever. Make as many memories with your fur baby as possible to cheer them for life. To order the best pet Rakhi for your furry friend, visit Rakhibazaar.com.

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