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Best Rakhi gift ideas for your armed forces brother!

Best Rakhi gift ideas for your armed forces brother!
Written by Pratiksha Priya

Raksha Bandhan is one of the most important festivals in India that falls on the Shravan month, on the full moon day as per the Hindu calendar. It’s a unique festival that celebrates the everlasting bond of brothers and sisters. The siblings celebrate their bond through the rakhi tying ritual and exchange of gifts. 

Raksha Bandhan is a great time and even more important to you if your brother is in the armed forces. On this day, sisters get the opportunity to not only admire and pray for them as brothers but also as the saviors of the nation. You need to get the best rakhi gift for such an extraordinary person, showing your love, care, and admiration for him. Below we have listed the best rakhi gift ideas for army soldier brothers.

Army-themed cake

Celebrate his homecoming and honor his devotion towards his duties on the border lines with a special cake. Get a personalized or army-themed cake to honor your brother for his selfless work. With the delicious cake, proudly tie a rakhi to his wrist and express your love.

A book

Your brother may be an avid reader, but he may not have time to read due to the duty calls. On this Raksha Bandhan, you can gift him a rakhi with book, of genre like thriller, self-help, or something related to his field. The book will be an excellent source of entertainment when he is on his way home to meet you and the rest of the family.

Personalized memory keepsake

Give something to your brother on this Raksha Bandhan that will always remind him of your bond. A keepsake, such as a personalized keychain, a mug, a photo frame, or even a personalized rakhi, etc., will be a great sentimental gift for your brother.

Along with the gift, you can also write a letter telling him about your love, care, and admiration for his work. Get an item personalized with a picture of your brother with you or all family members. He will always cherish this sentimental gift during his duties when he misses the family a lot.

Care package gift hamper

As rakhi gift ideas for brothers, you can also give them a thoughtfully made care package that will also be a heart-touching gesture. You can fill the package with delicious sweets and snacks your brother loves, like books, self-care items, a photo album, toiletries, notes from friends and family members, etc.

You can even add the items which are not readily available where your brother is deployed. Thoughtful rakhi gift hampers will surely bring the utmost joy to your brother, and he will always keep this close by.

Handmade photo album

Your brother in the armed forces is always busy selflessly looking after many of Indian families by guarding the motherland against any threats. During his crucial hours of duty, from months on end, he barely gets time to come back home. So, give him something to remember his family always, a handmade photo album as a Raksha Bandhan gift for brother.

You can also buy a photo album and put in all the family pictures. But, a photo album made from scratch will seem more meaningful, and the effort and love you will put into it will reflect to your brother. Add some childhood photographs, family pictures from festivals, etc., to make the photo album more special.

Adventure gear

Another excellent rakhi gift for brothers in the armed forces can be adventure gear. If your brother loves adventures and outdoor activities, this gift will be handy. Adventure gear consists of all the essential things needed for the outdoors, such as a multi-tool, a sturdy water bottle, a camping hammock, a backpack, etc. Such items will enhance his outdoor adventure experience.

Homemade snacks and sweets

Sweets and snacks are a must for every festival celebrated in India. So, why not gift delicious items as rakhi gifts to your brother in the armed forces? You can prepare traditional Indian sweets and snacks at home and gift them to your brother. Gulab jamun, kaju katli, gajar ka halwa, mathri, etc., will bring your dear brother a wave of childhood nostalgia. The home-cooked delicacies will remind your brother of home.

Tactical watch

A tactical watch is another thoughtful and handy gift your brother will like. It’s different from a regular watch as it has many in-built features such as a compass, barometer, GPS, etc. This unique watch is suitable for those who are in the military, law enforcement, or adventure enthusiasts. This watch with multi-functions will be convenient for your brother.

Sisters looking for the best rakhi gifts for brothers in the armed forces don’t have to look far. You can get some of the best rakhi gift ideas from above, through which you can also express love and admiration to your brother. On Raksha Bandhan, celebrate the unbreakable bond you share with your brother by praying for his well-being, tying a designer rakhi to his wrist, and giving him a valuable and memorable rakhi gift. Happy Rakshabandhan to all the brothers serving in the army!

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