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Best rakhi gifts for bibliophile brothers

Best rakhi gifts for bibliophile brothers
Written by Pratiksha Priya

Do you always see your brother with a book? Is his wardrobe filled with more books than clothes? Is he almost always talking about books? That means you have a bookworm of a brother who spends almost half of his day with his nose in a book. And as Raksha Bandhan is approaching fast, have you picked out a gift for your brother yet?

The best gift to delight a bibliophile is more books or bookish items. So, to help you pick out the best one, we have listed below the best rakhi gift ideas for bookworm brothers. Have a look!

A book

Gift wrapped book

The best gift you can give any book lover is a new book. So, surprise your brother on this Raksha Bandhan with a combo of rakhi with book. Pick the book in the genre that he likes the most or something new for him to try. You can also pick a special deluxe edition of his favorite book that he will keep on this bookshelf as a trophy.


Bookends are also excellent and multi-functional gifts you can give to brothers as rakhi gifts. A bookend can be placed anywhere in the home, where your brother can place his books. The bookends will also work as a nice home decor item. There are so many bookends that you can choose from, from ones with minimalistic designs to quirky ones in the shape of alphabets, monuments, etc.

Personalized bookmarks

Personalized bookmarks

Bookmarking is important for all book readers; they remember which page to read from. Some people use proper bookmarks; some use other items as bookmarks, such as receipts, pieces of paper, any old card, or just dog-ear marking their books.

Give your brother a nice and memorable bookmark that he can also treasure for a long time. Get a bookmark personalized with his name, initials, or his photograph. He will be surprised with the gift and use only your bookmark.

Bluetooth earphones

Many people prefer to listen to audiobooks instead of reading physical copies. Does your brother also love to listen to audiobooks? If yes, you can get him a pair of Bluetooth headphones. Without wires, your brother can easily listen to audiobooks while doing his chores, going on a walk, etc.

Bookish mug

The best way to enjoy a best-selling book is with a steaming hot cup of tea or coffee; all book lovers will agree. So, when looking for rakhi gifts for brothers, then you can gift a mug in which he can enjoy his daily tea or coffee. You can also personalize the mug with his picture, name, or popular quote from his favorite book. A rakhi with a mug will be an excellent rakhi gift for book lover brother.

An e-reader

E-reader also makes excellent rakhi gifts for brothers and return rakhi gifts for sisters. Yes, many believe reading on an e-reader doesn’t feel like reading a book. But it comes with many benefits, including the advantage of carrying hundreds of books altogether, the convenience of reading at night, and more. Also, these devices are light to carry and very compact sized for convenience of reading.

E-gift vouchers

If you have no idea what book to give your brother as a Raksha Bandhan gift, you can give him a gift card from his favorite bookstore instead of a book. With your gift card, he can buy the book that he wants. Gift vouchers are the best presents when we are out of gift ideas for our loved ones, which are also very useful.

Clip on book light

Another one of the best rakhi gifts for book lover brother is a clip-on light. Trust us; he will be delighted with this gift, making his night reading experience even better. A clip-on light is just like it sounds. It’s a small flexible lamp that can be clipped on a book and used at night. Because the clip-on light is small and light sized, it can also be carried on journeys.

Literary T-shirts, diaries, etc.

You can also gift your brother literary items such as diaries, socks, or t-shirts as Raksha Bandhan gifts. Many stores these days offer a wide range of literary items with printed quotes from classics, all-time popular books, and pop culture movie adaptations of the books. This would also make a memorable rakhi gift for the booklover brother.

Book subscription

Want to give a gift to your brother that keeps going? It’s a book subscription service! A book subscription service sends one to three books monthly with bookish goodies such as mugs, enamel pins, etc. Some subscription boxes are also curated based on various themes such as horror, fantasy, thriller, etc. Your brother will be excited to receive a wholesome package of books every month.

We understand that sometimes finding gifts to give readers can be confusing, as you may have previously given all the best items. And if you are confused about what to gift your book-lover brother on Raksha Bandhan, we hope this page has helped you. Remember that no matter whichever bookish item or any gift you pick for your brother, he will love it very much, as the thought behind the gift or the simple gesture of gifting is what matters the most.

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