Raksha Bandhan

The new trend of celebrating Raksha Bandhan with pet dogs

The new trend of celebrating Raksha Bandhan with pet dog
Written by Anishka Luthra

Over the decades, our rituals and traditions have seen many changes. On the one hand, many superstitious practices were aborted. On the other hand, many rituals spread their wings and included other species in their celebration, like celebrating Raksha Bandhan with a pet dog. The increasing love and care for dogs have been seen over a brief period that it is pretty evident they are whole-heartedly involved and accepted in the family as one of their own and not just an animal.

If you are unsure of celebrating Raksha Bandhan with your pet dogs, let us give you some reasons why it is the best idea to involve your furry friend in this celebration; and also how you can make a difference by practicing Raksha Bandhan with your pet dog.

1. He is the friend you didn’t know you needed.

There’s hardly a person a dog cannot befriend with its cuteness and candidness. He is your shoulder to cry on, who will never leave you alone when you are upset or not well. You can cry and blabber in front of your dog without fearing judgment or getting teased. His fur-filled shoulders and warm embrace will always provide the space to feel welcome and rely on your four-legged friend to be open and yourself in front of him.

2. He is your ultimate protector:

Nobody can harm you when your doggo is around. Correct us if we are wrong. Even if your dog is afraid of something, he can never see his human suffering. He can face any danger and deal with any problem to see his human safe and sound. Since the essence of Raksha Bandhan is all about care and protection, your dog deserves to be a part of the rakhi celebrations for the same reason.

3. He has faith in you and treats you like family:

As much as he loves you, cares for you, protects you, and is loyal to you, he expects the same from you. A dog looks at its owner with so much faith and expectations that this person will let me down and never leave me alone. For a dog, his human is his entire world, and he places them above his own family and spices. With so much love and care, every pet parent must return the favor and love their dogs as much as they love them. So, show them they haven’t placed their faith in the wrong person and treat them with love, care, and respect. Celebrating Raksha Bandhan with pets is one of the best ways of showing respect to them.

4. He is a goofball who knows how to make you smile:

When a dog is in its natural element, he does so many goofy and crazy things that make us laugh until our stomachs hurt. They are the ultimate source of happiness and joy in our lives, and their mere presence can add happiness to the room. Sometimes intentionally and sometimes naturally, but a dog always makes its human smile, even if that means making fun of himself by doing silly things.

5. Loyalty is a dog’s most prominent trait:

It doesn’t matter which breed or age of dog you have adopted, each one of them knows the code of loyalty for their humans and can even give their lives to prove it. If a man wants to learn commitment, he must learn it from a dog. Even when you are angry or upset with your dog and not in a mood to talk to or pamper him, he will silently wait for you to cool down. He will do everything possible to make it up to you and never punish you for being angry with him. A dog never changes his favorite human, and such a creature deserves all the respect and love in this world.

How to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with your pet dog?

It is no secret that making a dog happy is the easiest thing in the world. They get delighted easily and are the most low-maintenance creatures on the planet. But that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t put effort into pampering them and making them feel special while celebrating Raksha Bandhan. Buy them a rakhi they would love to play with and tie it on their wrist. Then apply Tilak on their hairy forehead and let them admire you for a while with their innocent eyes. Give them treats and if you can, then buy them a new toy too. And then, while they won’t be able to say it from their mouth, but in their minds and hearts, they have already sworn to protect you until their life lasts.

So, what special are you planning to do on this Raksha Bandhan for your doggo that will make him feel special and convey your feelings to him? Let us know too.

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