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8 Amazing Ways to Make Raksha Bandhan a Memorable Affair for Distant Brothers

Every relationship that exists between brothers and sisters has its own color and flavors. Sometimes, they are seen fighting with each other over trivial things, and in other, they stood tall and united like Avengers ready to face every situation with remarkable confidence. There is abundant love, affection, and care along with a sense of protection shared by both of them. Where a brother is the “Prince of the House” whiles a sister is no less than “A Drama Queen”.

Raksha Bandhan is an Indian festival which incredibly encapsulates this loving and caring bond of siblings with each other by a sacred thread of Rakhi embellished with sisterly love and admiration for her brother...

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10 Most Auspicious Rakhis to Buy This Raksha Bandhan 2019!

Brother – A word that always comes with a sense of security and protection. Whether it is about finding a protective friend in one’s life or chastising a bully in school or threatening someone, brothers serve all purposes. This precious relation which sisters get by the grace of God is certainly a blessing in disguise. To venerate and jollify this sweetest, affectionate, and affable bond, the festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated by siblings to strengthen their ties of love and care. Sisters always try to give their best shots while choosing Rakhi for brothers from the best Rakhi collection for brothers by sisters to astound them in the most abysmal way.

Raksha Bandhan is a wonderful opportunity for sisters to do everything possible for their brothers to bless them with a long and h...

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5 Best Voguish Lumba Rakhis to Strengthen Bonds with Sister-in-Laws

Raksha Bandhan in India has always been associated with the bond of love and care that is shared by the brothers and sisters. It is the festival that is meant for people of opposite genders who hold feelings like siblings for each other in their hearts whether they are related by blood or not. The occasions witnesses sisters keeping fasts for their brothers and tying a Rakhi thread on their wrists to seek their lifelong protection and support in every walk of life. But, there is one more person that must be thanked on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan for never-ending love and support. And, she is your bhabhi. She is the one who takes immense care of your brother and ensures his well-being so that he can take care of you.

Lumba Rakhis

This Raksha Bandhan 2019, make your sister-in-law feel extremely speci...

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6 Best Fancy Lumba Rakhi Designs – Here’s How to Entice your Sweet Bhabhi!!

It is only your family which supports through the roller-coaster of life! A lot has changed in the last few years, but one thing that is more or less the same as the trend of the joint family, in India. Though Raksha Bandhan is the celebration of the bond between brothers and sisters, moreover, when your brother is married, your sister-in-law is equally important.


But for women, the gifting galore will only be noticed with the pinch of style, fashion and flamboyance. And, that is the reason that essentially the trend of fancy Lumba Rakhi came into being. Traditionally, the trend of Lumba Rakhi existed in Rajasthan, “the great Indian desert”, which has gradually spread to other parts of the country.

How wonderful it is to know that fashion can be perfectly amalgamated with traditions a...

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Top Rakhi for Kids: Choices to Make for Adorning Little Brother’s Wrist!

When the festival of Raksha Bandhan approaches, ever Hindu Indian family that observes the festival feels excited and joyful. However, little kids are excited the most about the approaching time of Raksha Bandhan celebration. Despite the little sisters curious to buy the most beautiful Kids Rakhi for brother, even the little brothers are excited to surprise his sister with a heart winning a gift. And to make the festival of Raksha Bandhan memorable for little brothers and sisters, this blog features ideas on top Rakhi for Kids.


Gone are the days when simple Rakhi threads were available for sisters to tie on their brother’s wrist for strengthening her affectionate bond with brother...

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These Unique Rakhi Varieties at are Sure to Glam up Brother’s Wrist!

It’s sheer happiness for every sister to figure out the most beautiful Rakhi for dearest brother from the ample of Rakhis available at the Rakhi shopping stores. To make the search for the most exquisite Rakhi for brother, is back again with its extensive line of Rakhis that are outstanding, intricate and trendy to beautifully glam up wrist of brother.

Rakhi Bazaar Banner

No wonder, the concept of online Rakhi shopping has made it easy for sisters to buy the most beautiful Rakhi for brother, a matter of just a few clicks. Moreover, there are plenty of other benefits that come with online Rakhi shopping. In a matter of just a few clicks, one gets ample of wonderful selections for Rakhis threads that are hard to find anywhere else. Also, within a matter of just some clicks, one can send Rakhi...

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7 Convincing Reasons to Buy and Send Rakhi Online to Distant Brother!

The year has yet again taken us to the time when brothers and sisters will be coming together to celebrate the auspicious festival of Raksha Bandhan to revive and cement their affectionate bond of love and care. But, if you cannot celebrate Raksha Bandhan 2018 with your dearest brother then sending online Rakhi to brother is an excellent idea. In fact, there are plenty of convincing reasons to buy and send Rakhi online then opting for traditional ways to send Rakhi to India or worldwide.


The time for Raksha Bandhan celebration is here again for Hindu Indian families to celebrate with great zeal and joviality. This auspicious Indian festival brings a cheerful time for brothers and sisters to celebrate together and revive their bond...

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Here’s how you can Spread the Fragrance of Love in Your Brothers’ Life this Raksha Bandhan!!

Raksha Bandhan is an empowering Indian festival that celebrates the soulful bond shared between brothers and sisters. Every sister ties a thread on her brother’s wrist and it is her love, care and affection that makes that ordinary thread so very powerful.

Raksha Bandhan

Previously sisters only used to tie Raksha threads on their brother’s wrist but nowadays, they have become keen to get the best Rakhi gifts for brother. Also, every brother vows to protect his sister for whole of the life as a return gift. The heart-touching rituals of Raksha Bandhan are a pleasantly stimulating one that fills the heart of every member of the family with love.

It may be possible that you cannot be with your brother/sister on the day of Raksha Bandhan...

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Choose these best rakhis to make online delivery in India

Finally the day to showcase sibling bond is arriving soon. Have you planned to surprise your brother or not? Don’t worry if you are abroad or away from your sibling. The online rakhi delivery in India is now the best way to bring a smile on his face!


Raksha Bandhan isn’t just a day to tie a rakhi around your brother’s day. But, it is a day to cherish every moment and bring all gone memories in life once again! We often fight with our siblings, become partner in crime and keep their secrets. The bond is symbolic to every feeling be it bitter-sweet or enemy-friendship. We have actually a bitter-sweet relationship with our siblings.

As the day is approaching fast, we have come up with some of the best rakhi ideas. You can send rakhi online by taking a clue from below-mentioned tips...

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5 Best Raksha Bandhan Gifts for Sisters to Make Their Day Special

Are you looking for the best gifts for raksha bandhan to pamper your sister with? Rakhi celebration is known for pomp and show. Every year it is celebrated all over India to showcase brotherhood and sisterhood. The day is auspicious and it is celebrated by all. Every family member gets excited of the gifts, goodies and special moment shared with each other.


This year we have come up with a host of rakhi gifts to brighten up your sister’s day. Let’s take a look.


A chic and trendy choker is what will let your sister smile, smile and smile with joy! At present a choker necklace is the hottest trend that is making girls go gaga over it. From multi layer to single layer, thin to broad long to close-to-the neck, it is available in a number of designs...

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