Raksha Bandhan

Top 10 Exciting Raksha Bandhan Activities for Kids!

Raksha-Bandhan Activities for Kids
Written by Anishka Luthra

One of the unique festivals in India is the Raksha Bandhan which celebrates the unbreakable link between a brother and sister. This day is usually celebrated with the rakhi tying ceremony, in which a sister ties the sacred thread to her brother’s wrist and prays for his good health and protection. In return, the brother promises to protect her and then gives rakhi gifts for sisters. Such a splendid festival should be celebrated with more than the rituals and the good food. The Raksha Bandhan celebrations can be more fun and exciting, especially for the little family members, by adding fun activities to the day. In case you are wondering how to make the Rakhi celebrations more fun for the children, here we have some fun and interesting Rakhi celebration ideas.

DIY Rakhi

One of the fun Raksha Bandhan activities you can plan for the kids at home is having them make DIY rakhis. Not only will this make the Raksha Bandhan celebrations for them more memorable, but they will also get creative and flaunt their rakhis. To make DIY rakhis, some of the essentials you will need include scissors, foam, beads, ribbons, threads, and other decorative items of your choice.

Decorating Puja Thali

Make Raksha Bandhan more fun for your adorable little kids by organizing a puja thali decorating competition at your home or your society. For this activity, gather some essentials required for this competition, including plates, fresh flowers, roli tika, chawal, Haldi, sweets, chocolates, and other items. Gather all the children together and hand them a plate and decoration items. Set a time limit like 10 minutes to 30 minutes for puja thali decoration. The kid who finishes the competition first or the puja thali with the most beautiful decoration gets to be the winner.

Play Games

Play Games

Raksha Bandhan also means family members getting together and spending time together. If you want to make this day interesting for your family members and children, then you can play some games for Raksha Bandhan. Children can write down qualities of each other; they can also draw funny pictures of each other and write poems. You can make a treasure hunt game for the kids where you can hide gifts, and the kids can find them using clues.

Watch Movies Together

Watch Movies Together

One of the fun ways Raksha Bandhan activities for kids is to watch movies together. There are so many movies that signify the strong bond between brothers and sisters, such as “Hum Saath Saath Hai,” “Josh,” “Bumm Bumm Bole,” etc. You can also watch some children’s movies and Raksha Bandhan videos together. 

Storytelling and Reading

Another fun and exciting rakhi activity for kids to do on Raksha Bandhan with children is storytelling. Every child loves to read and hear stories. The history of India and Hindu mythology is laden with fascinating tales and legends which the kids will love to hear about. Stories about Lord Krishna and Draupadi, emperor Humayun and Rani Karnavati, Yama and Yamuna, and King Bali and Goddess Laxmi are some of the captivating stories where Raksha Bandhan plays an essential role. You can also encourage the children to read contemporary books about brothers and sisters.

A Fashion Show

A Fashion Show

A fashion show is another fun way to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with kids. The kids can be in teams of two and make costumes for each other out of old clothes or newspapers. Then, put on some music, and let them perform a fashion show in their quirky costumes. Make sure to take pictures or even shoot a video. You and the children will love to look back on the sweet memories when they get older. 

Perform a Charitable Act

Not every child is privileged and can celebrate this festival with the same enthusiasm and splendor as every kid. You can take your kids to a children’s home or orphanage and spend the day there. Enjoy the day with the kids by distributing chocolates and sweets and donating books, clothes, shoes, and toys. This will teach your children the importance of charity and helping those in need.

Give a Chef’s Hat to Kids

Another interesting rakhi celebration idea is to give children the chef’s hat and let them stir up some mouth-watering sweets or snacks and bring the chef in them. You can help the children make handmade chocolates or sweets which make such sweet rakhi gifts for brothers and sisters. On this day, you can set up a cooking competition for the kids and see what sweet treats or snacks they whip up for the family. 

Guess Who

One of the fun ways Raksha Bandhan activities for kids is to watch movies together. There are so many movies that signify the strong bond between brothers and sisters, such as “Hum Saath Saath Hai,” “Josh,” “Bumm Bumm Bole,” etc. You can also watch some children’s movies and Raksha Bandhan videos together. 

Bond with Nature

The true meaning of Raksha Bandhan is bond and protection. Every year brothers and sisters celebrate this festival together, so this year, why not have a unique Raksha Bandhan celebration with the nature? This year, help them establish a bond between the kids and Mother Nature. Teach them the importance of trees and the bond between nature and man, similar to that of a brother and sister. Both are always there to help each other. They will understand to take care of the environment by being more sensible and sensitive towards it.

Those were the Raksha Bandhan activity ideas for kids. Engage your children in these fun activities such as making their rakhis, playing fun games with family in Raksha Bandhan, and other fun things to make this day more memorable. Before the celebrations, make sure to start your rakhi shopping early. And, even if you have started it at the last minute, you can count on Rakhi Bazaar, which offers online rakhi delivery in India with free shipping. It also lets you send rakhi to USA, Canada, Australia, UAE, and other international locations within a few clicks.

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