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Top 15 Rakhi Gifts for Brothers Who Are Absolute Hodophile!!!

Rakhi Gifts for Brothers
Written by Sakshi Ecavade

“To travel is to live.” – Hans Christian Andersen

If your brother has the same ideology and way of life, or to be more precise, an absolute “hodophile”, then this upcoming Raksha Bandhan can be turned into a special and memorable one for him by you. A hodophile is a person who loves to travel and feel full of life when exploring different places for pleasure. So, why not surprise him with thoughtful gifts for Raksha Bandhan considering this hobby of his.

Every year, a lot of time of sisters gets invested in choosing an appropriate Rakhi gift for brothers. Repeating the same regular gifts like sweets, chocolates, dry fruits, clothes, watches, wallets, etc. on every Raksha Bandhan becomes boring for the sisters and makes Rakhi gifting less exciting. Buying a useful gift for your gadabout brother that he can use while he is on the go is the best idea for this festival of the siblings. Therefore, we have brought a list of the best Rakhi gifts for travel addict brothers that will not just excite them, but bring an instant smile on their handsome faces.

1. Travel Backpacks

A travel backpack item is something that is an essential part of every traveler’s list. It is a bag with several compartments in which multiple useful things can be stored by travelers that they need while on the go. Every pocket in this backpack is designed with the proper size and space to keep various travel items by the travel freaks. With this on the back of your brother, he just doesn’t need to carry any other bag with him.

2. Portable Charger

Portable Charger

Mobile phones are an essential gadget when your brother is traveling. It helps him track the locations and stay in touch with your family and his friends. A portable charger will be a useful Rakhi gift for him as travelers need to have a fully charged phone all the time.

3. Sleeping bags

Sleeping bags

As travelers love to stay close to nature and prefer camping to hotel stays, therefore, a sleeping bag will be a nice utility item to be gifted to your travel addict brother on Raksha Bandhan. They are compact in sizes so that fit in their backpacks easily. Such a Rakhi gift will help them have a good night’s sleep after a tiring day.

4. Portable water bottle

Portable water bottle

Water becomes an essential need of the travelers while they are traveling to their favorite destinations. Your brother who is a travel freak must have a list of remote places that he is planning to travel to in the future and gifting him a portable water bottle will help him store water and stay hydrated through his journey.

5. Compass for navigation

Compass for navigation

As travelers prefer to cover the distance on feet rather than any mode of transport for a better exploration experience, therefore, a compass is a nice gift for your brother who loves to travel a lot. It will help him find the right directions in case he gets lost on his way.

6. Travel journal

Travel journal

A travel journal is a book that a majority of travellers carry with them to note down their travel experiences. Therefore, buy one for your brother to encourage him to visit more of his favorite destinations and write down his amazing encounters in his travel journal.

7. Waterproof watch

Waterproof watch

Most travelers love adventure sports as adventure is one of the primary aims of traveling. A waterproof watch will be a fabulous gift for your traveler brother as it is tough and best suited for him. There is no risk of damage to these watches from the water when your brother is river rafting or scuba diving.

8. Waterproof portable speaker

Waterproof portable speaker

Music becomes a therapy after a long and hectic day after exploring places. A waterproof portable speaker is easy to carry in his backpack and there is no fear of damage from water. With this, your brother can enjoy calm and cozy nights under the stars while listening to his favorite songs and that too without any risk of damage from the sudden showers of rain or snow. Consider this gift item for him on Raksha Bandhan and bring happiness to him.

9. Hip pack

Hip pack

Travelers are always in search of stuff that can keep their essential and most used items handy with them. A hip pack or waste bags are the best items for travelers to keep items like keys, money, mobile phone, Ear pods, etc. These can be bought online as well as from any sports store in your nearby location as they are quite common now!

10. A buff headwear

A buff headwear

Buff headwear is used to cover your face, nose, and neck area to save you from extreme cold climatic conditions. It keeps you warm and protects your skin from damage from the cold. Moreover, people can wear it as a headband when folded. It is a useful item for travelers who love to explore mountain areas or places with less than zero-degree temperatures.

11. Hiking socks

Hiking socks

If your brother loves to travel, then a pair of hiking socks are the best gift for him for the Rakhi festival. It is a sock made from wool properly cushioned and breathable to keeps people warm when they are trekking in a mountainous location. It will keep their feet warm and cozy so they do not catch a cold.

12. Travel neck rest pillow

Travel neck rest pillow

It is impossible for travelers to carry a large pillow in their backpacks. So, a travel neck rest pillow is the best choice for your traveler brother as he carries it easily in his backpack and has a good night’s sleep in his camping tent without straining his neck. It is made from soft fleece with proper support to rest his neck and provides comfort after a long hectic day. It is wrapped around the shoulder and is a perfect gift for him as he can also use it while he is on the bus or plane.

13. Microfibre travel towel

Microfibre travel towel

Every travel lover requires a lightweight, compact, and portable towel that can be adjusted in backpacks. As most travelers avoid booking a hotel or resort during their journey, this item is really useful. It gets dried quickly for the best use next time and comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

14. A digital camera

A digital camera

With the availability of advanced technology, smartphones have replaced cameras to some extent. But, for travelers, who love to collect memories of the places they explore in the form of photographs, a digital camera is a must for an amazing traveling experience. You can buy a camera for your brother with the functions of interchangeable lens, optical zooming feature, manual control, sensor size, etc. for a good picture-clicking experience.

15. Sunglasses


Elevate the cool quotient of your handsome brother who is also, an adventure freak who loves to travel with a branded pair of sunglasses as a Rakhi gift.

The Ending Words

These gifts for Raksha Bandhan will be stunning Rakhi gift ideas for brothers when you wish to send Rakhi to India. When you accompany these travel-friendly gifts with your Rakhi for brother, he will just love your thoughtful gesture. So, without wasting any further time, just choose the best one for him and plan the best surprise for the Rakhi festival irrespective of the distance between you two.

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