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Reminisce Childhood Memories with Your Siblings This Raksha Bandhan

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Written by Anishka Luthra

A bond between a brother and a sister is a unique one. Sometimes they would argue over something very silly, and other times they would always support each other. Raksha Bandhan celebrates this special bond. For this day, the sisters look for the best rakhi for their brother to adorn his wrist, and the brother also starts looking for the best rakhi gifts for his sister. On Raksha Bandhan, the sister ties the rakhi, the brother promises to protect her, and they exchange gifts. 

Raksha Bandhan is all about rakhi gifts, celebrating the bond you share with your sibling, and reminiscing the memories you share. So, take a trip down to the nostalgia lane with your brother or sister with these childhood memories on Raksha Bandhan:

Fighting Over Remote Control 

Back when phones were not such a huge thing, children would spend most of their free time watching television. So, when you and your sibling were back from school, you both would fight over the TV remote control to watch your cartoons. Remember those days?

Name Calling 

Name Calling

Another fun memory every brother-sister duo surely shares is name calling. Remember the weird names you and your sibling had set for each other? And, no matter how many hours you would spend in front of the mirror trying to set your hair right, you would always hear being called things like “How do you look so horrible all the time?” or something like “Moti,” “Bhootni,” etc. Thinking about this memory just brings a huge smile to faces. 

Playing Games Together 

Playing Games Together

When you have siblings, you don’t need to find friends to play with. Your siblings would always be ready to play games like Hide and Seek, doctor-doctor, teachers, and even fun board games. You would also fight at times when your siblings would try to cheat in the game, but it was always so fun in the end. On this Raksha Bandhan, make a memorable day for your sibling by spending time together playing those nostalgic games you both enjoyed playing as kids. 

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One of the most memorable moments in everyone’s life is when we learnt to cycle without the training wheels. Most of you must have learned to ride your bicycles with your older brother or sister. They would always be behind us and hold the cycle while saying they were there for us. You may have fallen off the bicycle a couple of times and even got a couple of cuts or bruises, but your sibling was always there by your side.

Ruining Your Toys

Ruining Your Toys

Your brother or sister always did something to annoy you a lot. One of those things was breaking your dolls or cars. Remember when you would cry and tell your mother, and she would then scold your sibling? It was for sure annoying back then, but now it has become a memory.

Pulling Pranks on Each Other 

Pulling Pranks on Each Other

Pranking our brothers and sisters with silly tricks was one of the most fun we ever had. Back then, kids knew how to have fun without including technology. We would often learn new tricks from our friends at school and always perform them on our siblings. Some classic old pranks were just to give them scares by jumping in front of them out of nowhere or hiding their favorite things and pretending it’s lost. Now that you and your siblings have grown older, this is another memory to cherish forever. 

Secretly Eating Each Other’s Snacks 

Secretly Eating Each Others Snacks

Remember when you had your favorite bag of chips or chocolates, which you would keep in the refrigerator to save for later? And then your brother or sister would steal it away, and you cried all day long about it? Sure it was so annoying back then, but now that is a silly yet sweet memory to always remember. 

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Supporting Each Other

Supporting Each Other

There were times when you or your sibling would get into a fight in school or with a neighbor kid or get scolding from teachers or parents; you were always in support of each other. You all would always try to make each other laugh or smile when others would make your sibling upset.  

Sibling Scoring More in Exams 

Remember when your brother or sister would get higher exam scores than you? You would often get nagged at by your parents because of that. You may sometimes get jealous of your sibling but also feel extremely happy about their success. 

Celebrating Festivals Together

Celebrating-https://www.rakhibazaar.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Supporting-Each-Other.jpgFestivals Together

Since childhood, you would spend every festival from Holi to Diwali together. On Holi, your brother or sister was your partner in crime who would throw water balloons or spray colored water on the passersby on the streets. You both would light bombs and other fun firecrackers on Diwali. And, on Raksha Bandhan, both of you would eagerly wait to tie rakhis, munch on yummy sweets, and exchange exciting things. Some siblings nowadays rarely celebrate the festivals together as they are in other cities or countries due to work or studies. 

Those were some of the never-ending sweet memories we share with our brothers and sisters. On this Raksha Bandhan, spend some time with your siblings by sharing these precious memories. Don’t forget to start your rakhi shopping, and if you have started it only at the last minute, you can choose Rakhi Bazaar to buy and send rakhi to India, in any city very quickly. Explore our rakhis and rakhi gifts to surprise your siblings on this Raksha Bandhan.

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