Raksha Bandhan

Rakshabandhan celebrations in Rajasthan

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India is lands of festivals, as almost every month, we Indians celebrate unique and joyous festivals. One such joyous festival which brings us the utmost happiness is Raksha Bandhan. It is celebrated on the full moon day, in the Shravana month according to the Hindu calendar, and honors the everlasting bond of brothers and sisters.

Raksha Bandhan is not limited to any religion and is widely celebrated across India and abroad. Different corners of the country celebrate this wonderful occasion with different rituals and customs. Rajasthan is one such festival that uniquely celebrates this joyous festival. How? Let’s find out!

Before discussing how Rajasthanis celebrate this unique festival, first, let’s know the significance of Rakshabandhan.

Significance of Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan means a bond of protection. It is the celebration of an everlasting bond shared by brothers and sisters. On this occasion, a sister ties a sacred thread, a rakhi, around her brother’s wrist while praying to God for his good health. The brother, on the other hand, promises to protect his sister. Earlier rakhis were simple auspicious Mauli threads, which has been replaced by designer rakhis, silver rakhis, golden rakhis, etc.

Many historical and mythical stories tell about this sacred festival. According to one story, when defeated by Vritrasura, Lord Indra went to his Guru Brihaspati. On his advice, Indra’s wife, Shachi, tied a rakhi around his wrist for victory. She then visited Rishi Dadhichi to bring his bones and make a Vajra weapon. Indra used this weapon to defeat Vritrasura and get his kingdom back. There’s another story of how Lord Krishna saved Draupadi from cheer haran after she had tied a rakhi thread to him on the Shukla Paksha of Shravan month.

How is Rakshabandhan celebrated in Rajasthan?

Sooun Mandana

In Rajasthan, the people use cow dung to make shapes of a swastika, or the Sun God, etc. and put it up on the walls of their houses. However, in big cities, many people make Sooun Mandana or pictures on paper with geru, a red-colored powder instead of cow dung. The markets also offer ready-made Sooun Mandana.

Sooun Jimana

soan mondana

Before the actual Rakshabandhan rakhi tying ceremony, people in Rajasthan follow the ritual of Sooun Jimana. In this ritual, they pay offerings to the Sooun Mandana or the pictures. People offer roli, rice, red sacred thread, jaggery, and water. They then offer prayers and ask for blessings and happiness for each other.

Raksha Bandhan celebration

After the Sooun Jimana ritual, people celebrate Rakshabandhan. A sister applies a tika and rice on her brother’s forehead and does his aarti. She then ties a rakhi thread around his wrist while praying to God for his well-being. The brother promises to protect his sister. Sister then feeds him a sweet, and gifts are exchanged. Elderly women in the family also tie rakhis to younger ones. Many temples in the state also organize celebrations for this festival. The sisters offer a delicious meal to their brothers, and they feel very proud and happy for tying rakhis to them. The entire day is spent with loved ones in happiness. They share sweets and snacks and make special memories.

Many families in Rajasthan also come together and celebrate the special occasion by singing many Rajasthani folk songs. Weeks and days before the festival, the markets in many streets of Rajasthan are lined up with colorful rakhis and various designs. There’s a bustle in all the markets as brothers and sisters head out to pick the best rakhi and rakhi gifts for each other.

Lumba Rakhi

If a sister’s brother is married, she ties also rakhi to her sister-in-law, the same way she ties rakhi to her brother. Lumba in Marwari means a bangle in Marwar, the southwest region of Rajasthan. After tying a lumba rakhi, the sister also prays for her bhabhi’s protection. This tradition of Marwari culture is now followed by many people across India and even abroad. The online rakhi stores offer many stylish and designer bhaiya bhabhi rakhi sets, which include a brother rakhi and a brother rakhi.

Food and snacks

Indian festivals are also celebrated by having delicious sweets and meals with loved ones. Even Rakshabandhan is celebrated with many yummy sweets and lavish Indian cuisine. In Rajasthan, siblings, and the entire family celebrate the occasion by having Rajasthani meals together. In sweets, they enjoy having mouth-watering ghevar, malpua, balushahi, kalakand, badam ka halwa, mohal thaal, etc. For breakfast or lunch meals, families together have delicious methi bajra puri, kadhi, mirchi bada, gatte ki sabzi, dal baati churma, onion kachori, gatte ka pulao, and more dishes.

And that’s how Rakshabandhan is celebrated in Rajasthan. Rakshabandhan is a special festival in India that honors the strong bond between brothers and sisters. Get the best rakhi gift for your sibling and express your love and affection to your dearest sibling. Celebrate this festival with your sibling and family with the utmost joy and enthusiasm. Want to send your rakhi to Rajasthan quickly? We at Rakhibazaar offer free rakhi delivery. Using our store, quickly send rakhi to Jaipur, Udaipur, and other cities and connect with your sibling.

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