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Don’t Miss out on these 10 Sweets on Rakhi 2023

Written by Pratiksha Priya

We all love celebrating festivals, and Raksha Bandhan is indeed on our top list to celebrate. The festival has great cultural importance in the country and is celebrated all around the globe. This festival has no religion as it embarks on the love and care between brothers and sisters regardless of their religion. Everyone has a sweet tooth for sweets and candy, but we resist eating them because of their high calories. But Rakhi is the time of year when we celebrate the bond with the best sweets one can have. Sharing sweets has always been a custom in Rakhi.

Delicious sweets levitate the festive season, and we start seeing our favorite sweets around the streets. But you must have gotten confused looking at the plethora of options. Don’t worry; we have got you covered; in this article, we will know the top sweets you can’t miss in this rakhi season.


Chocolate is a treat for kids, adults, or even older. No matter what shape or size it is, chocolates are a must in the festive season, especially on the auspicious occasion of Rakhi. Chocolates are also loved by the public because of their flavors, from dark chocolate to milk chocolates. Infusing chocolates with other items, such as oranges and strawberries, takes things to the next level. For years, chocolate has been the go-to sweet for Raksha Bandhan. You can even gift rakhi with chocolate as a unique gift to brother on this occasion.


Cakes are one of the excellent ways to celebrate any occasion. From Birthdays to anniversaries, cakes have become a compulsion. Cake’s flavours are uncountable; simply the list is unending; from classic flavors such as Vanilla, Chocolate, and Butterscotch to out-of-the-box flavors such as Mango, Oreo, Red Velvet, and Pudding cake, there is a cake for every flavor. Cakes have become a big part of celebrations in festivals like Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, and many more. We can go one step ahead and order a personalized cake for our loved ones this Rakhi. Personalized cakes can have the names and photos of the brother and sister. The flavor could be personalized; we can also be creative with the layers. The Sky is the limit when choosing a cake for the loved ones.


We all have a special emotion with Halwa. It is something that we all can connect with. Whether there are weddings, birthdays, or Raksha Bandhan, Halwa is a must for many special occasions. Halwa is not restrained to one recipe. There are multiple recipes of Halwa, but the most popular and loved Halwa all around India are Gajar ka Halwa, Moong Dal ka Halwa, and the most basic being Sooji ka Halwa. People love Halwa because of its rich, creamy, and melting-in-the-mouth texture.

Even though it originated in the Middle East, the dish has spread worldwide. Halwa has always been one of the most made dishes on Raksha Bandhan. The dish has become one of the most important parts of the Indian cuisine.


No matter what prestigious occasion, ladoos are a part of it. Different cultures have different ladoos. The most popular sort of ladoos that are loved all around the country is Boondi Ladoo, Motichur Ladoo, Besan Ladoo, and Coconut Ladoo. Made with desi ghee and minimal ingredients, these ladoos taste out of the world with their melting-in-the-mouth texture and small round size. Ladoo has been the top sweet in India for centuries. In Ancient scriptures as well, we can see the mention of laddoos. These Indian sweets are offered to Gods in Pooja and have a deep connection with the festival of Raksha Bandhan.


Barfi is a sweet dish that is known in every household in India. Barfi symbolizes festivals. When it is time for Rakhi, it is also time to eat Barfi. It is a milk-based dish and has a lot of flavors. The most popular flavors of Barfi you should not miss out on are milk barfi, kesar Barfi, and pista barfi. Barfi is sort of fudge, but what makes it different is its soft texture and mouth-melting sweetness.


A dish made from only three basic ingredients, rice, sugar, and milk, is one of the loved dishes in India. If this doesn’t make sense to you, then there is only one way to test it: by tasting Kheer. People who are not aware of Kheer don’t understand the obsession of food enthusiasts with Kheer on Rakshabandhan, and they only understand it by trying it, and it blows their minds. Kheer has a silky, creamy, light taste to it that is unforgettable. Make sure to try it this Raksha Bandhan.

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is a traditional dish that needs no introduction. People in every corner of the world love it. Even though it is made with basic ingredients and a simple process, its taste is irresistible. Everyone just looks to find an excuse to eat it. The magnificent flavors of cardamom and saffron added to the syrup can take the dish to the next level.

Kaju Katli

Rasgulla Kaju Katli, also known as Kaju Barfi, is a royal delicacy synonymous with celebrations in India. This rich sweet is made from cashew nuts, sugar, and ghee. Kaju Katli is considered to be a very premium sweet because of the expensive ingredients it has. The smooth and velvety texture and nutty flavor make Kaju Katli a favorite among sweet enthusiasts. Its diamond-shaped appearance adds to the charm. Don’t forget to gift your sibling a box of Kaju Katli and revel in the joy of Rakhi together.


Even though Rasgulla originated from the eastern part of India, it rules over the hearts of millions across the globe. If there is a list of the top favorite sweets, then Rasgulla is undoubtedly a part of it. With exciting flavors, a juicy spongy taste, and graciously sweet sugar syrup, it is a dish we can’t miss. The mouth-watering texture and pure sweetness in every bite is really worth it. Some people like eating it hot, while some prefer to chill it before eating, but one thing is sure it tastes good in any situation.


Peda is a rich and creamy sweet widely enjoyed during festive occasions, including Rakhi. It is made by thickening milk and sugar and is flavored with cardamom, saffron, or pistachios. Peda comes in various shapes and sizes, with each region in India having its unique version. Peda is traditionally made in northern India, and Agra, Mathura, and Vrindavan are famous for it. The melt-in-your-mouth texture and the subtle flavors make Peda a must-have on the Rakhi platter. 


Rakhi is a time for love, bonding, and celebration, and no celebration is complete without mouth-watering sweets. From chocolates, cakes, to traditional Indian sweets like laddu, gulab jamun, kaju katli, Barfi, rasgulla, pedal, and Kheer, the options are endless. These delectable treats add sweetness to the festivities and create moments of joy and togetherness. So, as you celebrate Rakhi with your loved ones, don’t miss out on these 10 irresistible sweets. Indulge in their flavors, share them with your siblings, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Happy Raksha Bandhan!

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