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Pearl Rakhi- Beauty & Benefit Entwined Amazingly!

This Raksha Bandhan if you are wondering in the very land of mirage as which thread to choose for your dearest bro, worry not. This year tie around your brother’s hand a pretty, elegant yet graceful pearl rakhi online.

A pearl is a famous gemstone signifying beauty, art & peace. This gemstone often is found in white color, but now this can be obtained in a pool of colors right from black, off-white, and mauve to peach. In astrological terms this semi precious stone is said to attract positive vibes from the aura surrounding us. If you’re planning to buy a pearl rakhi for your bro, there are many colors to choose from.


Generally, the centerpiece or the mid part of the thread is adorned with pearls but sometimes the whole filament is made of pearls of tiny sizes. The most popular designs of pearl rakhi are as follows:

  • Floral designs
  • In chain pattern
  • In arrangement with other stones
  • Combined with gold and silver etc.

Benefits of Pearl

Pearl is popular for its soothing as well as cooling properties along with some medicinal values. It keeps one cool and is known to develop an aesthetic sense among people. In order to enhance its look or augment its property, other metals or gemstones are widely used in conjugation with it.

Besides serving the purpose of a divine thread, it also serves the purpose of a jewelry piece. Colorful threads woven with tiny shining pearls look marvelous.

So, get a pearl rakhi of your choice today to adorn your bro’s hand with!

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