Raksha Bandhan

How to Perform Ritualistic Raksha Bandhan Ceremony?

Raksha Bandhan Ceremony
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Last Updated : 26-07-2023

“India is a curious place that still preserves the past, religions, and its history. No matter how modern India becomes, it is still very much an old country.”– Anita Desai

Indian tradition, culture, rituals, and heritage consistently garnered attention from devotees across the world. India is known as the philosophical land owing to the greatness and uniqueness wrapped in the various significant customs and rituals. Whether it is your first time in India or visiting for the 100th time, India will leave undiscovered. The land commemorating values and traditions holds many secrets and wonders folded in the layers of festivals and celebrations. India is known worldwide, and every mention of the country accounts for the religious diversity. Though India has been a homeland to Hinduism since the Vedic period, several other religions are equally respected and celebrated here in harmony. Talking about India, its diversity, traditions, and cultures, we cannot forget festivals as the color of the country becomes more vibrant at the time of festivals like Raksha Bandhan.

Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, and Jains; every religion celebrate the auspicious occasion of Rakshabandhan with equal zeal and enthusiasm. Just like every other festival, the festival of Rakhi is also celebrated with full rituals and customs all over the country and now, across the world. High religious tolerance in India is its strength. The hold on the traditions and values make India a considerable country globally. With the change in time, several things have been changed, but one thing still in the trend is celebrating every festival in a ritualistic manner. From finding a blissful Rakhi to choosing thoughtful Rakhi gifts for siblings, the festival is about more rituals to follow.

Here, we have curated this list describing different Rakhi rituals, their significances, and their importance for the celebration of Raksha Bandhan ritualistically and traditionally.

Essentials for the rakhi tying ceremony

Before knowing how to tie rakhi step by step ritualistically, let’s first go through the essential items required for the rakhi tying ceremony.  

  • A rakhi for your brother
  • A rakhi gift for your brother
  • Roli tika and rice
  • A rakhi gift for your brother
  • A puja thali
  • Sweets or chocolates

Early Bath – Rakshabandhan Starts with First Sun’s Ray

Early Bath

The first and foremost thing to do to start the celebration of the Rakhi festival is to take a bath early in the morning. It is only the internal happiness and excitement that make this festival more special and grander. After getting up early in the morning and taking a bath, you can enjoy the day more happily. After getting ready, clean the temple and worship the holy deities is the next thing to do.

Fasting by Sisters

Fasting by Sisters

Keeping fast is not one such tradition that is followed all over India. But, in several regions, sisters observe Raksha Bandhan by keeping fast for their lovable brothers. Sisters keep fast till they tie Rakhi on their brothers’ wrists and pray for a happy, healthy, and successful life for their brothers.

Puja Thali Preparation

Puja Thali Preparation

Performing Rakhi tying ceremony is incomplete without a puja thali. Sisters decorate their Rakhi puja thali with flowers, roli, chawal, diya, sweets, and Rakhis. A beautiful puja thali represents your efforts and love for your brother. But, owing to the busy life, you can find full-fledged Rakhi puja thalis online from the Rakhi stores.

Tikka Ceremony

Tikka Ceremony

After preparing for Rakhi puja thali, the next ritual to perform is the tika ceremony. Sisters apply a holy kumkum or vermilion tilak on the brothers’ foreheads. The tilak has to be applied at the center of the forehead as this spot is known as the center of latent wisdom that opens the third eye or the wisdom eye.

Performing Aarti

Performing Aarti

Aarti is performed to ward off all the evil powers and dangers from the brothers’ lives. The holy flame of diya is known to eliminate the darkness from life and will keep your brother safe and grounded. The holi aarti ceremony is not only performed on Rakshabandhan but there are several other festivals as well on which performing aarti is of great significance.

Rakhi Tying Ceremony

Rakhi Tying Ceremony

Sacrosanct Rakhi thread was earlier known as the Raksha Dhaga, which defines the unbreakable and the pious bond of siblings. Rakhi tying ceremony is one of the most crucial and essential parts of the whole Rakshabandhan celebration. Sisters tie a holy Raksha Dhaga on their brothers’ wrists and bless them with all the happiness, success, and good luck in the world. Brothers also promise their sisters to be with them in every difficult situation. This moment represents true love and affection for each other.

A blissful Rakhi is very important for performing this ceremony. Earlier, Mauli Dhaga was tied as a Rakhi, but nowadays, several new Rakhi designed have been launched, signifying the modern era Rakhi celebration. But, one thing that is still the same is the ritual of sending Rakhi to India or abroad to the brothers if they cannot visit home.

Later, all the rituals and customs are accompanied by sweets to add more sweetness to the festival and in the festival.



In the Raksha Bandhan rakhi tying ritual, she offers sweets to her brother after the sister ties a rakhi. You can offer the sweets your brother likes the most, such as kaju katli, gulab jamun, etc. Offering sweets to your brother is an essential part of the ritual as this shows the sister’s love for her brother. This also adds a sweet note to the rakhi-tying ritual.

Many sisters, instead of traditional Indian sweets, offer chocolates to their brothers. You can do the same if your brothers are little as they will love the chocolates more. If you do your rakhi shopping at the last minute, you can also buy a combo of rakhi with sweets for the rakhi tying ceremony.

Gift Exchange

Gift Exchange

It’s time for the brothers to give gifts to their sisters. Brothers give books, handbags, toys, etc., or even cash as a return rakhi gift to sisters. Traditionally, brothers give gifts as a token of their gratitude for praying for their well-being. But, nowadays, many sisters also give rakhi gifts to brothers. Siblings look for the best rakhi gifts both in physical stores and online rakhi shops to get the best gift to surprise each other with.

Close Warming

The information given above depicts the Raksha Bandhan celebration with full rituals, traditions, and customs. And, the essential parts of the celebration include Rakhi, Rakhi puja thali, and gifts for Raksha Bandhan. Earlier were the days when sisters prepare Rakhi and Rakhi puja thali with their efforts showcasing love and affection for their brothers. But, this era is quite different from ancient times. Nowadays, sisters and brothers might not be together for the festival because of their work and studies. This has given rise to several online Rakhi stores, and Rakhibazaar.com is one of them.

Rakhibazaar.com is one of the most trusted and prestigious online Rakhi shops to cater to the customers’ needs for Rakhi delivery in USA, UK, Singapore, Canada, and worldwide. So, if you and your brother will not be together for the festival, make sure to send Rakhi and Rakhi gifts online to wish him a very happy, healthy, and prosperous Raksha Bandhan!!

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