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Golden Wishes
Golden WishesRs.449 | $6.91
 A Special Touch
A Special TouchRs.399 | $6.14
Divine Entity
Divine EntityRs.399 | $6.14
Rakhi Love
Rakhi LoveRs.380 | $5.85
Silver Lining of Love
Silver Lining of LoveRs.489 | $7.52
Rakhi Jewel for Jewels
Rakhi Jewel for JewelsRs.499 | $7.68
Triple Love
Triple LoveRs.349 | $5.37
Shower of Festivity
Shower of FestivityRs.349 | $5.37
Rakhi Delights
Rakhi DelightsRs.399 | $6.14
Alluring Rakhi Gift
Alluring Rakhi GiftRs.360 | $5.54
Blessings in a Thread
Blessings in a ThreadRs.449 | $6.91
Kiddy Delight
Kiddy DelightRs.449 | $6.91
The Pious Bond
The Pious BondRs.449 | $6.91
Bond of Love for 3
Bond of Love for 3Rs.460 | $7.08
Specially Dazzling
Specially DazzlingRs.499 | $7.68
Sparkling Rakhis
Sparkling RakhisRs.399 | $6.14
Beauty of Affection
Beauty of AffectionRs.499 | $7.68
Pearly Goodness
Pearly GoodnessRs.399 | $6.14
Verve of Ecstasy
Verve of EcstasyRs.499 | $7.68
Ravishing Blessings
Ravishing BlessingsRs.499 | $7.68
An Auspicious Touch
An Auspicious TouchRs.499 | $7.68
Brimmed with Divinity
Brimmed with DivinityRs.599 | $9.22
Entangled Blessings
Entangled BlessingsRs.560 | $8.62
Picture Perfect
Picture PerfectRs.399 | $6.14
Blessings of Shiva
Blessings of ShivaRs.380 | $5.85
Graciously Auspicious
Graciously AuspiciousRs.370 | $5.69
Pearl of the Eye
Pearl of the EyeRs.449 | $6.91
Engraved with Love
Engraved with LoveRs.499 | $7.68
Protectively Mystic
Protectively MysticRs.380 | $5.85
Family Love
Family LoveRs.599 | $9.22
Overflowing Festivity
Overflowing FestivityRs.560 | $8.62
Bestowed charm
Bestowed charmRs.499 | $7.68
Bond of Graciousness
Bond of GraciousnessRs.499 | $7.68
Cute & Healthy Gift
Cute & Healthy GiftRs.1099 | $16.91
Fantasy Basket
Fantasy BasketRs.1499 | $23.06
Golden Family Set
Golden Family SetRs.699 | $10.75
Hearty Combo of Goodness
Hearty Combo of GoodnessRs.549 | $8.45

Exclusive Set of 3 Rakhis

Rakhis are required as per the number of brothers you have. So, if you are lucky and have got three loving brothers then set of 3 rakhis will be appropriate for you. It is comprised of beautiful and attractive rakhis to tie on the wrist of brothers. Rakshabandhan is notably celebrated all around the country to give a nice and pleasurable experience to the brothers.

Set of 3 rakhis is a great option to buy amazing rakhis altogether. Brothers and sisters share a beautiful bond which is comprised of many lovely emotions such as love, care, small fights, arguments and lots more other amazing things that make life fulfilled. Siblings wait for this particular eve desperately to celebrate whole-heartedly. As we all know that rakhi is the main essence of rakshabandhan but there is another thing that plays a vital role in this fest. Gifts are being talked about. On this day, beautiful and appropriate gifts are shared to greet all siblings happy rakshabandhan.

Be it your brother or sister, everyone desires to be gifted with amazing things. We have introduced special and expressive gifts such as perfumes, clothes, watches, gadgets, accessories, soft toys and lots more other things to stun lovable brothers and sisters. There are also many other personalized flower hampers that can be considered for gifting purpose.

Thus friends, what are you waiting for? Order set of 3 rakhis for your three adorable bothers and yes, don’t you forget to surprise this trio with loads of love and splendid gifts.