Raksha Bandhan

10 Promises to make to your sister on this Raksha Bandhan!

10 Promises to make to your sister on this Raksha Bandhan!
Written by Pratiksha Priya

Time flies by so quickly, don’t you agree? August is about to knock at our doors, and within a few weeks, we will all celebrate Raksha Bandhan. It’s one of India’s most eagerly awaited festivals that honor the unique bond of brothers and sisters.

Brothers, for this occasion, start searching for the best return rakhi gifts for sisters as a thank you for their prayers, love, and care. A sister plays a very special role in a brother’s life. She takes care of her brother like a mother and sometimes annoys him, but most of the time, she loves him unconditionally.

Making these promises is one of the best rakhi gifts you can give to your sister on this Raksha Bandhan. Have a look:

Promise to protect her

This Raksha Bandhan, vow to protect your sister throughout your life. The world has always been harsher for women, so ensure to protect her from physical harm and the evils of society. Protect your sister from those in her path of growth, happiness, learning, and success. Make a promise to always stand by her and protect her from anything that brings her down or unmotivates her. 

Promise to guide and support her

Whether she is an older sister or a younger one, make a promise to always support her in your life. Acknowledge her dreams and aspirations, and guide her wherever she feels lost or discouraged. Be in her life always like a pillar lending support when she is struggling through anything. Let her know that whether she is going through ups and downs or something amazing and life-changing, she has got you as her personal life coach and cheerleader who will always be by her side, no matter what. 

Promise to unconditionally love her

As your sister ties a traditional rakhi to your wrist, you must promise to always love her unconditionally. Let her know that even though you both have silly bickering with each other, you love your sister regardless of the circumstances. No matter how far away you both get physically, you will always love and support her, and your bond will always be unbreakable.

Promise to keep her secrets

When thinking of the promises to make to sisters on Raksha Bandhan, you can also take a vow to be her best secret keeper. Whether you find out a secret on your own or she tells it to you, keep it deep within your heart because you know she also keeps your secret completely confidential.

Promise to respect her

On this Raksha Bandhan, make another promise to always respect your sister no matter what. Whatever decisions she has taken in her life, respect those as well. She has a right to be herself, so respect her choices, space, and opinion. Wherever she is wrong, don’t disrespect her. Instead, provide her with your guidance and knowledge.

Promise of friendship

The brothers and sisters also share a lovely bond of friendship. They are each other’s best friends, connected via blood. Due to their special friendship, they understand each other without saying any words, have occasion silly fights, and love each other dearly. So, on this, Raksha Bandhan, promise your sister to continue annoying and also loving her by keeping this friendship bond last forever.

Promise never to leave her alone

Another promise to make on Raksha Bandhan to sister is never to leave her alone. No matter what she is going through, if she is in the worst of situations, see things from her perspective, and you will understand how she is feeling. So, no matter who else is supporting her in the family, make sure she has your support and shoulder to lean on. You are her brother, and when she feels alone, she knows you can count on you.

Promise to keep the bond intact

There will be a time when your sister will not be with you anymore. We all know that nothing stays the same forever, and your sister may also get married in another city and have her own new family. Or she may move to another city or country for a job or studies. So, also promise to always be by her side and never break the special bond you share. 

Promise of forgiveness

Sometimes there may be a misunderstanding or disagreement between you and your brother. But make a promise to be patient and understanding and forgive your sister if she is wrong. Just like during childhood, remember how you both would fight over something silly but ultimately forgave each other. In the same way, forgive each other in your adulthood, and if something bothers her, help your sister out.

Promise to bring happiness

Lastly, promise your sister to always make her happy. Whenever she is feeling low, discouraged, or going through a hard time, be her ray of sunshine by bringing her happiness. It can be through chocolates, funny jokes, surprise gifts, or just giving her your company.   

Raksha Bandhan is not just a festival but a celebration of the unique bond of siblinghood that is not necessarily related by blood. It honors the brothers and sisters who share a unique bond of love and affection for each other. So, honor your bond with your dearest sister by making these promises to her and celebrate Raksha Bandhan with utmost joy with her. 

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