Let Gifts Pour Your Heart Out to Siblings On This Rakhi 2K19!

Raksha Bandhan has always been a memorable affair for both brothers and sisters. Wrapped with fun, Masti, love, respect, and many other emotions of siblings, this festival holds much importance in the sibling’s life. With vermilion threads, Rakhi gifts, wishes, and prayers; sisters show their hearty gesture to the brothers and in return, brothers with many unspoken words and promises take the responsibility to protect sisters from all the evils around. This is the beauty of Raksha Bandhan which is celebrated to commemorate the siblinghood.


Like all other Indian festivals, Raksha Bandhan is all about giving gifts to each other. But, finding a perfect gift for your partners in crime is not that easy task...

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Ditch Chocolates & Gift Brothers A Relaxing Weekend on Rakhi!

Raksha Bandhan has always been synonyms to the never-ending and undefined companionship and bonding which is held strong between the siblings right from childhood. This is one of the purest relationships that never lose its charm even after many fights, arguments, squabbles, and bickering. To honor this hearty bond, Raksha Bandhan is celebrated every year. Brothers have always been less expressive and more promising. Now, it’s time to play your part and make him feel special. Send Rakhi online to his location and shower your love and blessings on him on the coming Raksha Bandhan.


Are you also getting those Rakhi vibes already after stepping into the month of August? If yes, then it’s high time that you should decide what you are going to gift your brother on this Raksha Bandhan...

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5 Most Popular Movies That Manifests Sibling Bond Remarkably

With the festival of Raksha Bandhan coming closer in the calendars, people have already begun their preparations for this big day to flabbergast their siblings in an astonishing manner. Whether it is about a Rakhi, Rakhi gifts, or celebration ideas, the fun and excitement of this appealing festival of the siblings takes happiness to another level. Siblings make every effort to make this day extremely memorable and a joyful one for the entire family who have been waiting for so long to participate in the thrilling Raksha Bandhan celebrations. Amidst the great get together of the family on Raksha Bandhan, watching a movie together can be a fun idea as little did people get time to spend with their family in the extremely hectic lives of today.


So, in the list of fun activities to indulge i...

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12 Most Essential Things for Ritualistic Raksha Bandhan Celebrations

As every festive ritual in the Hindu religion holds immense significance pertaining to their associations with the Divine, it must be celebrated in a proper ritualistic and traditional manner. As Indian people are very particular in terms of the performance of religious ceremonies owing to their strict religious beliefs in the Almighty powers, they give due regards and importance to the ideas of Muhurat and auspicious and malicious timings of performing a ceremony in a righteous manner.

raksha bandhan

The festival of Raksha Bandhan also holds significance in Hinduism owing to the mythological legends involving Gods and Goddesses...

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21 Most Trending Rakhis to Win Brother’s Heart This Raksha Bandhan 2019

With Raksha Bandhan approaching us, are you feeling perplexed on what different Rakhis to buy for brothers this time? This becomes a big concern for most of the sisters who search for some unique and hatke Rakhi for brothers to surprise them. As the sacred thread of Rakhi is a hearty expression of emotions of a sister to her brother, therefore, it should be special and expressive. We have listed down some of the popular and trendy rakhis that will, indubitably, not just convey your feelings to him and win his heart in an enormous manner, but also make his wrist look absolutely stylish and amazing.


1. Auspicious Rakhi

Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious festival that is a grand celebration of the sibling bond across the globe...

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20+ Most Sentimental Quotes Symbolizing the Beauty of Sibling Love

If there is a relationship on this planet that captures both the sweetness and tanginess, then it has to be a sibling relationship. The world appears to be a better place in the presence of siblings in our lives. They are like warm blankets saving us from the cold and uneasiness of the difficult situations in life. Their shoulders are the best place on which we can lay our heads on and speak our heart out without thinking much. Such is the flawless beauty of the relationship that exists between brothers and sisters.

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Like the word, “SIBLING” stands for “Simply Insane But Loving, Ideal, Naughty, & Gleeful”, this pure and affectionate bond can be best expressed in a variety of emotional quotes by people that best expresses the different phases or the positive aspects of this relationsh...

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Buy These 8 Quirky Rakhis for Smashing Rakhi 2019 Celebrations

“Bittersweet”- This is the word which perfectly describes the whimsical relationship of brothers and sisters with each other. If there is a person on this planet whom you love like crazy and despise with equal passion, it is definitely your sibling. Childhood is filled with sweet and hilarious memories of the fights together and how pulling each other’s hair was so into the trend. You were the best partners in crime while being rebellions of the house. The bond of sibling hood is hard to describe in words as it is the sweetest as well as the quirkiest relationships of all the times. Indeed, it is the strongest bond that anyone can be blessed with in their lives as said by Tiffany Shlain in her words, “Siblings are the longest relationship you’ll have in your life...

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10 Most Appealing Designer Rakhis to Adorn Wrists of Brothers Sophisticatedly

With the term ‘designer’ gaining more popularity day by day, there is a huge madness that can be seen in people over designer things. “Designer” is not a professional word anymore, but has become a raging fashion terminology that has spread like fire in the minds of fashion enthusiasts. Whether it is about shopping for the wedding apparels, planning a grand party on special or festive occasions, or buying jewelry, there is a huge demand for designer stuffs that is noticed among people. Considering their fan frenzy over fashionable designer things, the Rakhi industries have also transformed themselves according to the latest trends and have come up with a wide collection of designer rakhi that is exceptionally handcrafted by the best rakhi designers from the country...

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7 Enticing Bhaiya-Bhabhi Rakhi Ideas to Dazzle This Perfect Couple

Every child looks up to his or her parents as perfect married couples with great compatibility and understanding and dreams of having the same relationship with his or her spouse. But, there is another couple which gives everyone perfect relationship goals making us vouch for building the same level of understanding and equation with our partners. Undoubtedly, they are Bhaiyas and Bhabhis who are strong examples of amazing duos, who eat together, sleep together, stay together, and enjoys life inseparably. Raksha Bandhan is a wonderful opportunity given to us by our rich Indian culture to strengthen our bonds with this beautiful pair of swans with charming and appealing Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhis.


With the popularity of the Marwari tradition of Lumba Rakhi among other Indian communities, people ...

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Lumba Rakhi: A Traditional Yet Innovative Way to Create Special Bonds with Bhabhis

The sacred thread of Rakhi is a beautiful and heartwarming manifestation of an incredible bond shared by brothers and sisters. But, there is more to the celebrations of Raksha Bandhan in India. This festival is no more just a moment of merriment and gaiety for the siblings but has included beautiful sisters-in-law in the Rakhi celebrations.


According to the Marwari traditions of celebrating this festival in Rajasthan, a Bhabhi is the one who takes immense care of the brother and the entire family, so she deserves an equal place beside her husband on all special occasions and festivals. Therefore, the tradition of Lumba Rakhi sprang up and spread across the country witnessing sisters tying Rakhi on the wrists of their married brothers along with their Bhabhis...

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