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How to send rakhi to Indian army soldiers – Rakhi Bazaar 

How to send rakhi to Indian army soldiers – Rakhi Bazaar
Written by Pratiksha Priya

Raksha Bandhan means “a bond of protection.” On this festival, a sister binds her brother’s wrist with a designer thread called rakhi which symbolizes love and protection. While tying the rakhi, she prays for her brother’s well-being. The brother also commits to protect his sister throughout his life. Raksha Bandhan is a festival that celebrates siblinghood and a bond of protection.

Festivals come and go, but those who rarely get to celebrate these days with their loved ones are the Indian army soldiers. Even when the world celebrates Raksha Bandhan, the soldiers are at the borders safeguarding us from outside threats and keeping their lives on the line without any fear. The soldiers are wholeheartedly dedicated to their duties towards their nation, and nothing comes in their way, neither the scorching heat nor the biting cold.

Uniquely celebrate Raksha Bandhan this year by sending rakhi to Indian army soldiers. Through the rakhi, you can express your gratitude for their fearless dedication and efforts to safeguard our motherland selflessly. If you are wondering how to send Rakhi to the Indian army, we have covered it below. Keep reading until the end to know how you can easily send send rakhi to Indian soldiers.

Significance of sending rakhi to Indian soldiers

Well, imagine yourself in a remote location, away from your loved ones in harsh weather. Think about how you would feel if you suddenly received a parcel of beautiful rakhis and a heartfelt letter of gratitude for your work from complete strangers. Wouldn’t you feel over the moon, overjoyed, and so thankful? Now, imagine the happiness of the hardworking soldiers when they receive your rakhis. They will feel the same!

Even though you have never met them in your life, and you are not related to them by blood and have no idea how they look, this gesture of sending rakhis to them will bring them the utmost happiness on Raksha Bandhan.

How to send rakhi to Indian soldiers?

There are two ways in which you can send rakhi to the Indian army. The first way is through an NGO that offers this service, and the second option is to send rakhis on your own, which we have explained below:

1. Purchase Rakhis

First, gather some beautiful rakhis for the Indian soldiers. You can shop for rakhis online or head out to the market near your house. The online and offline markets offer several rakhi varieties, such as rudraksha rakhi, pearl rakhi, Krishna rakhi, golden rakhi, stone rakhi, and more. After buying the rakhis, place them in an envelope.

2. Write a letter

It would be a wonderful addition to your Raksha Bandhan package for soldiers to add a handwritten letter or a note. In the letter, you can write your Happy Raksha Bandhan wishes and a message of thanks and appreciation for everything Indian army soldiers do for the nation. You can also attach a photograph of your family to let the soldiers know who sent rakhis to them and letters on Raksha Bandhan.

3. Letter Address

Make sure that you write “Rakhi for soldiers” on top of the rakhi envelope that you want to send to the Indian army so that your package gets delivered to the right place. Address the rakhi package to the Indian army at C/O 99 APO or C/O 56 APO, which means:

  • 99 APO – It covers the troops in the 7 eastern states, Sikkim and West Bengal.
  • 56 APO – It covers the troops in the north, south, and also west.

4. Drop the package at the nearest post office

Next, you must draft your envelope at the nearest India Post office. The India Post office will transfer your envelope to the Army Post Office. Then, the Army Post Office will deliver your rakhi envelope to the soldiers working at the borders. The Army Post Office is meant to deliver your letters and packages on time to the dutiful soldiers serving the nation day and night.

Raksha Bandhan is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in India with much splendor and enthusiasm. It’s a day when the brothers and sisters come together, tie the rakhi, and exchange gifts. Celebrate this unique occasion this year in a unique way by sending rakhis to the Indian soldiers stationed at the borders, safeguarding our nation. The above steps can be followed to send rakhi to Indian soldiers.

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