What do you say when tying Rakhi?

येन बद्धो बलि: राजा दानवेन्द्रो महाबल: |

तेन त्वामभिबध्नामि रक्षे मा चल मा चल  ||

When you tie a rakhi to your brother, you can recite the above mantra. It means – “The protective thread which was tied to the extremely benevolent King, Bali, I tie the same sacred thread on your wrist, which will protect you from all adversities forever”.

There is a strong belief that if the thread of rakhi is tied chanting this mantra, it will make your bond with your brother stronger and he gets blessed with a long and healthy life.

In reciprocation, the brother will say, “I swear by the obligation of that sacred thread sister, I will always protect you from each and every trouble and adversity.”