Raksha Bandhan

Celebrate the Day of Raksha Bandhan with Delicious Homemade Sweets

Its again the time to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with your family. As the festival is fast approaching, I am sure you would really be excited to celebrate the occasion with great fervor and joy. If you are a sister, you wait eagerly for the day and preparations start a week before. As shopping is the main aspect of the festivity, you spend the whole day in the market hunting for a precious rakhi for your beloved bro. Along with the special thread of love, you also invest a lot of time in buying different rakhi gifts online such as  flowers, cards, sweets and chocolates.

The true flavor of Raksha Bandhan is absolutely incomplete without delicious sweets. Today, you can find sweets of various varieties and the market is flooded with lip smacking sweets that tempt everyone. Despite of the offline shops, the online market is also swamped with tempting rakhi with sweets.

Prepare Sweets at Home and Be Creative this Raksha Bandhan

This Raksha Bandhan, be creative and surprise your lovely brother with sweets prepared by you at home. This special day, don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your skills and let your brother know how much you care for him. Search several tutorials or ask your friend and prepare sweets out of love and care.

Homemade Kalakand- Quick and Easy

Kalakand, rich milk based sweet is easy to cook. I have come up with an easy process which will definitely inspire many ladies to prepare this delicious sweet at home. Limiting the slow prolonged cooking and constant stirring, I have made the process easy and after reading it, you will certainly not think twice to try it out at home. This recipe only requires few ingredients- cottage cheese or freshly made paneer, condensed milk, cardamom and chopped pistachios to garnish. Isn’t this amazing!


  • In a large bowl, mix fresh paneer and condensed milk in such a way that the mixture looks uniform.
  • Let the mixture stay in microwave for 10-12 minutes moving it every 1 minute. At the end of the procedure, all the liquid in the mixture will get evaporated. If not, continue the process for next couple of minutes.
  • Next, in a fine place, spread the assortment evenly. Spray the cardamom powder over the mixture and then beautify it using chopped pistachios.
  • Let it cool in room temperature and cut it into preferred shape. It is advisable to refrigerate the sweet overnight in order to get firm slices of kalakand. Serve cold and enjoy.

Henceforth, prepare the sweet at home and surprise your brother on the special day of rakhi.

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