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10 Delectable Delicacies to Celebrate Scrumptious Raksha Bandhan Ever

The festivals in India have much wider connotations than just being extensions of mythological and historical legends in the scriptures. Apart from celebrating them in a traditional way, it also serves as a wonderful opportunity for people to indulge in the yummiest of foods specially prepared at home on festive occasions. India is a land of foodies who never want to miss out on any chances of gorging on the delicious delicacies. And, when such foods are enjoyed and relished in the company of the loved ones, the experience is truly incredible.


The festival of Raksha Bandhan represents the beautiful and tangy bond of brothers and sisters. The occasion witnesses the getting together of the families all over India and indulging in grand celebrations of this amazing festival at home...

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8 Amazing Ways to Make Raksha Bandhan a Memorable Affair for Distant Brothers

Every relationship that exists between brothers and sisters has its own color and flavors. Sometimes, they are seen fighting with each other over trivial things, and in other, they stood tall and united like Avengers ready to face every situation with remarkable confidence. There is abundant love, affection, and care along with a sense of protection shared by both of them. Where a brother is the “Prince of the House” whiles a sister is no less than “A Drama Queen”.

Raksha Bandhan is an Indian festival which incredibly encapsulates this loving and caring bond of siblings with each other by a sacred thread of Rakhi embellished with sisterly love and admiration for her brother...

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10 Most Auspicious Rakhis to Buy This Raksha Bandhan 2019!

Brother – A word that always comes with a sense of security and protection. Whether it is about finding a protective friend in one’s life or chastising a bully in school or threatening someone, brothers serve all purposes. This precious relation which sisters get by the grace of God is certainly a blessing in disguise. To venerate and jollify this sweetest, affectionate, and affable bond, the festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated by siblings to strengthen their ties of love and care. Sisters always try to give their best shots while choosing Rakhi for brothers from the best Rakhi collection for brothers by sisters to astound them in the most abysmal way.

Raksha Bandhan is a wonderful opportunity for sisters to do everything possible for their brothers to bless them with a long and h...

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Top 9 Reasons to Prefer Online Rakhi Stores This Raksha Bandhan 2019

God has blessed us with many precious and loving relationships which make our lives no less than paradises. There is a sense of trust and protection which these bonds imbibe in them and makes people cling to them for a lifetime. Similar is the bond between the siblings who share a kind of interdependency on each other. The festival of Raksha Bandhan is the jovial celebration of this incredible emotional connection between brothers and sisters who are cemented to each other for life with the ties of love, care, and affection...

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5 Best Voguish Lumba Rakhis to Strengthen Bonds with Sister-in-Laws

Raksha Bandhan in India has always been associated with the bond of love and care that is shared by the brothers and sisters. It is the festival that is meant for people of opposite genders who hold feelings like siblings for each other in their hearts whether they are related by blood or not. The occasions witnesses sisters keeping fasts for their brothers and tying a Rakhi thread on their wrists to seek their lifelong protection and support in every walk of life. But, there is one more person that must be thanked on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan for never-ending love and support. And, she is your bhabhi. She is the one who takes immense care of your brother and ensures his well-being so that he can take care of you.

Lumba Rakhis

This Raksha Bandhan 2019, make your sister-in-law feel extremely speci...

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