Why do we tie Rakhi to Bhabhi?

Sisters tie Rakhi to the wives of their brothers to pray for their well-being. Moreover, it is a custom in Rajasthan which is popularly known as Lumba Rakhi.

As a popular tradition in the Rajasthani and Marwari community, sisters tie Rakhi to their sisters-in-law on their bangles. Such Rakhi tied on the bangles of Bhabhi is popularly called a Lumba Rakhi. This custom has now ventured into other communities as well and now sisters tie Rakhi to not just their brothers but also their sisters-in-law.

One of the major factors that signify the importance of a Lumba Rakhi is that a wife is called “Ardhangini” which means half a part of another person. So, when a brother gets married, all rituals are performed keeping his wife on his side.

A Lumba rakhi is a mark of protection of this couple so that they stay together through thick and thin. As husband and wife share everything with each other, the responsibility of protection of his sister is also equally shared by the Bhabhis.